Hayley Kiyoko Just Raised The Bar For Queer Promposals

"Honestly, how many people get Hayley Kiyoko to ask your date to prom for you?!"

Out pop star Hayley Kiyoko just helped one lucky high school student ask her girlfriend to prom.

In March, Fuse put out a call for students who might need assistance from Lesbian Jesus in making their dream promposal come true.

Producers picked Kassie, a high schooler from Fairfield, Connecticut, who wanted to have Kiyoko pop the question to her girlfriend, Nia.

“Hayley’s music means a lot to us,” Kassie told Buzzfeed. “It’s not just listening to her music—Hayley also creates these amazing music videos with LGBT couples, and just to have that representation is incredible.”

To keep things a surprise, Nia was told she’d be participating in an interview about their school’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance. When she was prompted to watch a video from a rival high school, it ended up being Kiyoko on the screen.


“As the video was playing, I was engulfed with excitement, happiness, and nervousness,” added Kassie, who’d with Nia for six months. “I was excited for the promposal to happen because, honestly, how many people get Hayley Kiyoko to ask your date to prom for you?!”

As if we had to mention, Nia said yes. The girls both plan to wear dresses to the prom—Kassie a pink princess ballgown and Nia a purple frock.


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