Hector Xtravaganza, Ball Icon From the House of Xtravaganza, Has Died

The house "Grandfather" was 60.

Hector Xtravaganza, the “Grandfather” of the legendary House of Xtravaganza, has died at the age of 60. The news of his passing was announced via the House of Xtravaganza’s Facebook page. “He was a friend to everyone he met, a source of inspiration for all who knew him, and a cornerstone of our House family,” read the post.

Hector was a legend in the New York ball scene, and was featured in the iconic documentary, Paris is Burning. He was most recently a consultant on the FX series, Pose. Members of the Pose creative team, including Our Lady J and Steven Canals, and other celebs like RuPaul, tweeted about his passing:

According to Variety, Hector was born Hector Crespo, but legally changed his last name to Xtravaganza, and was house father from 1993-1997 and 1999-2003. He became the House Grandfather after 2003. The House of Xtravaganza made ball culture history by being the first Latino house in the primarily African-American New York ball scene.

“It’s the opportunity of a lifetime,” Hector told Them earlier this year about being a consultant on Pose.

“With Ryan Murphy, how am I going to say no? That’s the best decision I’ve made in my life,” he explained. “I wouldn’t have let this go for anything. Like my grandmother always said, if a door closes, liquify yourself and ooze your way in.”

Santiago Felipe/Getty Images
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