Trending in Style: Heidi Klum Channels Lindsay Lohan

heidi klum lindsay lohan cleopatra


  • Heidi Klum channeled Lindsay Lohan channelling Liz Tylor channeling Cleopatra at her holiday party.
  • After their first engagement which broke 5 days before the wedding, Hugh Hefner and 26-year-old Crystal Harris are giving the whole tying-the-knot-thing another shot (with a generous diamond to prove it.) What will a Playboy wedding look like?
  • Greenpeace recently reported findings of toxic chemicals in some big name retailers, and Zara vows to completely get rid of the chemicals in their clothes…by 2020.
  • MTV Style interviewed Ricky Martin on his involvement with MAC and World AIDS Day. This man is perfect.
  • A holiday staple: garments with ever-so-subtle hints of sparkle.
  • Or, if you’re saving up for an iPad, you can always just use the clothes you already have to create holiday outfits.