Helena Bonham Carter As Elizabeth Taylor: Who’s Afraid?

HBC’s first appearance as Liz Taylor is… well, you decide.



Here’s some urgent news you might’ve forgotten: Helena Bonham Carter will play Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming BBC drama Burton & Taylor, which chronicles the end of Taylor’s passionate, acerbic relationship with Richard Burton (played by Dominic West in this version). Surely you’re still recovering from the cold plate of doom that was Liz & Dick, where Lindsay Lohan portrayed Taylor as a bored Charlotte Russe cashier, but Helena Bonham Carter is one of my all-time favorite celebrities, period. Smart, talented, funny, and does not give a sh*t what you think of her mismatched socks. Taylor’s above-it-all majesty has a perfect heir in HBC.

Here’s a photo the UK paper¬†Daily Mail took of HBC between scenes on the set of Burton & Taylor.



Clearly she’s subbed Liz’s glam footwear for some Mary Janes and doesn’t plan to wear that parka onscreen, but I’m charmed by this getup. HBC’s dramatic eyes are usually embellished with thick black makeup, and here I’m seeing — well — a late ’70s Liz! Amethyst is a good shade on this girl.

The real important thing is I believe HBC can summon both Liz’s poise and rancor. That’s a tough balance to strike. Unrelated but important note: If I were on RuPaul’s Drag Race, I’d pick HBC as my character for “Snatch Game.” Infinite possibilities for jokes.

Ru: “Helena, where’d you get that coat?”

Me: “What coat? This is a layer of soot. I fell asleep in the chimney again.” [Pulls spiderweb out of my hair.]

What do you think of HBC’s Liz getup thus far?