Helena Bonham Carter As Liz Taylor Couldn’t Be Any Worse Than Lindsay Lohan, Right?

Lindsay Lohan Helena Bonham Carter

Liz & Dick, Lifetime’s infamous Lindsay Lohan vehicle, taught us that Elizabeth Taylor apparently lived a turbulent life filled with inexplicable melodrama, questionable dialogue and not a few plot holes.

But Taylor was actually a beautiful, talented actress—and the BBC has stepped in to show the not-terrible side of her life in Burton and Taylor, an upcoming telepic starring Helena Bonham Carter.

Shockingly not directed by HBC’s hubby, Tim Burton, the film is set in 1983, when Liz and Dick (played by Dominic West) were starring on Broadway in Noel Coward’s Private Lives. Pictures of Carter in costume have surfaced on the Web and, while she’s not looking super-glamorous, it’s hard to be elegant with paparazzi jamming cameras in your face.

And, hey, at least she turned up on set. (LiLo zing!)

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to watch Liz & Dick again.