Tom Wawnik/F*cking Young!

Hello Kitty Gets Nasty With Model-Rapper Candy Ken

Hey, kitty girl.

Berlin model-rapper Candy Ken gives us a twisted Hello Kitty fantasy in a new photo spread by photographer Tom Wawnik for F*cking Young!.

Ken started making waves last year for his eccentric raps and obsession with Barbie and Hello Kitty. Here he gets very physical with the Kitty—making it hard for us to believe she was ever intended for kids.

Tom Wawnik/F*cking Young!

“I look like this normal, crazy gym guy and I don’t want to look like that,” he told “I love combining muscles and Hello Kitty… doing things that aren’t supposed to go together. I love Hello Kitty and it looks good on a boy.”

We can’t disagree.To see just how good it looks on a boy, check out the shots below.

Tom Wawnik/F*cking Young!
Tom Wawnik/F*cking Young!
Tom Wawnik/F*cking Young!
Tom Wawnik/F*cking Young!

Below, the queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 deliver their own take on Hello Kitty.


h/t: Accidental Bear

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