Gay Magazine “Hello Mr.” Folds After Five Years

Founded in 2013, the popular semi-annual mag covered arts, culture, and social justice for queer men.

After five years and 10 issues, Hello Mr. magazine has ended its run.

Founded in 2013 by graphic designer and creative director Ryan Fitzgibbon, Hello Mr. was published semi-annually and had a cult following among gay men who loved its broad range of arts, culture, and issues-based coverage. Its 10th and final issue was published earlier this month and featured Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander.

For its final issue, Hello Mr. also teamed up with Into to include Dyke Queen magazine, a queer women’s publication from the minds of writer and artist Yezmin Villarreal and designer Bridget Ore. Dyke Queen was published as part of Hello Mr.’s magazine residency, funded by Into.

Executive editor Fran Tirado, who edited the majority of Hello Mr.’s 200-page issues, penned an essay for Them reflecting on his journey with the magazine:

In our 10 issues… I have worked on stories with radical faeries, sex workers, queer witches, gay farmers, trans hikers, Pulitzer-winners, and some deeply intellectual sluts. I have edited stories of love, loss, addiction, abuse, rape, racism, trauma, incest, grief, cancer, suicide, isolation, survival, and good, old-fashioned heartbreak. Braver and braver, and more honest than ever, you are all the stories I craved as a naive and glitter-eyed queer in the cool kid bookstore five years ago, and for that I thank you.

Writers, collaborators, and longtime readers took to Twitter to say their goodbyes, too.


Visit Hello Mr. to snag a copy of the final issue.

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