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The Time Henry Cavill’s Thigh Muscles Literally Ripped Open His Pants

Happy birthday to the Man of Steel!

Henry Cavill has revealed that, after putting on a ton of muscle to play Superman, he actually busted the seams of his pants.

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“Yes, actually, at the end of Man Of Steel, I had a suit tailored for the Immortals premiere,” he told ShortList. “At that stage, I was at my very leanest. [But] at the very end of the movie, I put that suit on again for a photo shoot and I ripped the seams, the inside seams. Just because my thighs were that much bigger.”


On the topic of wearing “budgie smugglers” (briefs) or “swimming shorts” to the beach, Henry broke our hearts by revealing he only wears the latter.


Cavill also revealed what he wears to sleep.

Honestly, it varies depending on where you are, how hot it is. In hotel rooms, it’s always good just to have a pair of jocks on just in case. You know, the fire alarm goes off, the cleaning lady comes in…

Would gladly pose as a cleaning lady for that.