Looks Like There Will Be Some Hot Gay Hookups On Alan Ball’s New HBO Series

"Here And Now" premieres this February on the cable net.

More than three years since True Blood ended, but Alan Ball has returned to HBO. The Oscar-winning showrunner is back exploring dramatic family relations with Here And Now, a new HBO series that sounds like Six Feet Under with a supernatural twist.


A teaser trailer has been released for the new show, which features Tim Robbins and Holly Hunter portraying parents of four grown children, three of which were adopted from Somalia, Vietnam and Colombia, and one biological daughter.

This seems like your normal This Is Us-esque family drama, but things “take a turn when one of the children begins to see things others cannot.” Are the visions a mental illness or something supernatural at work? We won’t find out until the series premieres in February.

One thing we can be sure of is that there will be some hot gay hookups on the show. In the trailer it looks like one of the sons of Robbins’ and Hunter’s characters, Ramon Black (Daniel Zovatto), has a tatted up, bearded bedfellow.


Ball never skimped when it came to showing shirtless hotties on True Blood, so hopefully he will keep that reputation up on Here and Now. Will this fill the Six Feet Under-sized hole in your heart? Judge for yourself in the trailer below.

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