HBO’s “Here And Now” Includes Trans Muslim Character

“If this is going to be a show about America, we need a Muslim family to be a part of this tapestry.”

If you still have a Six Feet Under-sized hole in your heart than you might want to check out Alan Ball’s new HBO series, Here And Now.


Ball took a supernatural detour after Six Feet Under, when he executive produced True Blood which ran on the cable net for seven years. Now he is back with Here And Now, a new drama that merges the family drama of Six Feet Under with the supernatural elements of the southern vampire soap opera.

Holly Hunter and Tim Robbins play Audrey and Greg, parents of four grown children, three of which were adopted from Somalia, Vietnam and Colombia, and one biological daughter.

This seems like your normal This Is Us-esque family drama, but things take a turn when their gay son, Ramon (Daniel Zovatto) starts seeing things no one else can. Are the visions a mental illness or something supernatural at work?


Ramon is stirring up drama by not only seeing things, but also bringing his new crush, Henry (Andy Bean), around to meet the family.

The queer elements of the show don’t stop there. Ball’s husband, Peter Macdissi, is an executive producer and actor in the series, and his character is a Muslim therapist who has a trans child.

“Peter said, ’If this is going to be a show about America, we need a Muslim family to be a part of this tapestry.’ People are so terrified of, don’t understand, project all kinds of weird stuff onto Muslim characters — especially the way they’ve been depicted in the mainstream media. They’re never complex or nuanced,” Ball told The New York Times.


“I did some research and, of course, there are trans Muslim kids. We’re so conditioned to think of Muslim families as so conservative that there’s no room for any kind of out-of-the-box expression for one’s identity — and that’s just not the case.”

Will Here And Now receive love from critics and audiences like Six Feet Under did? Find out when the series premieres this Sunday, February 11, on HBO.

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