Husbands Share Their Holiday Traditions In Hershey’s “Say It With A Kiss” Campaign

Melts in your heart.

The country may be more divided than ever heading into this holiday season, but Hershey’s “Say It With A Kiss” campaign is celebrating love and inclusivity with a new spot featuring a gay couple sharing their family traditions.

Josh and Matt Noble recently moved Josh’s mother to New York so they could be closer, and the video finds them discussing how they’ll continue to celebrate holiday traditions in this new chapter of their lives.

“She and my father spent all of their lives making my brother Jason and me feel loved and accepted and supported,” Josh says. “Now it’s our chance to do that for her.”

A brand manager for The Hershey company told the Huffington Post that the “Say It With A Kiss” campaign was designed to shine a spotlight on “authentic, genuine, human emotion through real-life stories,” and their inclusion of this happy gay couple is the perfect example.


h/t: HuffPost

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