Heterosexual Awareness Month — So Necessary


Aww, we’ve been concentrating so much on LGBTQ rights we totally ignored the rights of good old fashioned heteros. Shame. On. Us.

Luckily, there is a whole group of people excited about celebrating the union between a male and a female. So excited, some of them created a group called “Heterosexual Awareness Month” on Facebook.

They describe it as “a month-long annual observance of straight people, and the growing struggle of the rights and related civil rights put in jeopardy.” The lucky month chosen? July. Their goal is to stop “heterophobia” and shockingly “protect marriage.”

Since marriage certificates have been comprised by homosexuals, they even have their own certificates to bestow on members. Special.

There are no rainbow flags allowed here, the heterosexual awareness group will support straight pride on July 6 by wearing black.

Someone should tell them that technically, black includes all the colors of the rainbow mixed together. Awkward.