Hi Fashion Is Back With A Hot & Raunchy New Video For ‘Eighteen’: WATCH

You heard it here first, Hi Fashion is back with a new single and EP coming your way!

We first fell for this electro pop duo when they came crashing into our lives with “Amazing,” featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race season 3 winner Raja, and we fell even harder for their newest single, the irresistibly upbeat and NSFW-ish “Eighteen.”

A tribute to the sexual frustration of being a teenager, the sexy and sometimes just a bit creepy imagery of the video makes us squirm in all the best ways. It’s no wonder that the end of the video leaves us both uncomfortable and dying for more.

With “Eighteen,” Hi Fashion promise a much more “sultry” direction with their new EP You Are Gorgeous. If every song on the EP follows the track the single has set, it’s definitely a ride we’re more than willing to take.

So check out Hi Fashion’s “Eighteen” (in probably the safety of your bedroom or anywhere your boss won’t see) and keep a look out for You Are Gorgeous, coming soon.

Oh, and if you love Hi Fashion as much as we do, head to their KickStarter to support their new EP. It’s more than worth it.

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