Highroller/Lowroller Gift Guide: Mother’s Day

Welcome to the New Now Next Highroller/Lowroller Guide. Every couple of weeks, we’ll focus on the highbrow and lowbrow choices for getting the most out of different cities and events – and we all know sometimes they’re almost indistinguishable. This edition: Mother’s Day! Which is only 16 days away! (No pressure or anything.)

Taking sweet Mom here? I'll drink to that. Sam Lord's Beach, Barbados (Barbados Tourism).

Sure your fabulous mum deserves to be jetted off to a private spot in the Lesser Antilles to bum around with Rihanna and her mamma for a sunny, spa’d week, but can your factory outlet wallet afford it?

Cobblers Cove, Barbados. Can't you see Mom sipping a little rum delight? (Barbados Tourism)

This week’s Highroller/Lowroller Guide suggests a few options that will leave her feeling richer than the Dowager Countess for as little as $10 and as much as, well, if you have to ask how much it costs…


Blood, Bones & Butter (Random House)

  • She can’t get enough Georgia O’Keefe? Try these inspired earrings from Alexis Bittar, $375.

O'Keefe Antique Silver Drop Clip Earring (Alexis Bittar)

  • For the woman who has everything, gift this American Artisans Cheese & Charcuterie Collection courtesy of Gilt Taste, $120.95. This snack box features a delightful assortment of handcrafted dairy products paired with old fashioned accompaniments with a twist, like strawberry balsamic preserves from Brooklyn. Your brother in Omaha will NOT get her the same thing.

American Artisans Cheese Collection, curated by Murray's. (Gilt Taste)

Lowroller (You can’t afford bold OR italics. Just one tiny word in caps.)

  • Merchant Ivory DVD Trilogy – A Room With a ViewHowards EndThe Remains of the Day. Awkward English men dealing with their feelings + Maggie Smith + Helena Bonham Carter = Giant bowl of Cinematic Indulgence, complete with silver spoon. Oh the English and their period pieces – I wish I knew how to quit you!
  • Flowers – What you should don’t: Waste $30 on crappy online floral websites that deliver a free box of disappointment with your Gerbera daisies. What you should do: The craftiest of you could brave this Martha Stewart guide to DIY crepe-paper flowers, this assumes of course, you know what crepe-paper is.

Close up crepe-paper florals

  • Date night – What you should don’t: Email her a PF Chang’s gift certificate. What you should do: Invite her over and serve her favorite meal & booze – the way to every woman’s heart. This does not necessarily mean making dinner, although that would totally put you in the running for #1 KID. This could mean buying adorable cakes (tiny frosted banana peanut butter cake in a glass jar!) and buying her sherry. Even if you hate sherry.

    Tiny frosted banana peanut butter cake in a jar! (Bananappeal)

    And there you are, a bouquet of Mother’s Day suggestions just for you, all wrapped up in a pretty little hyperlink. Sunday, May 13th is right around the corner, the clock is ticking. Get giving.

Amanda Miller has written about food and travel for Jauntsetter, Chapelboro.com, and more. Follow her on twitter @victuspopuli.