Adina Doria

Meet Hillary Clinton’s Secret Weapon: Her Super-Hot Nephew

“Tyler Clinton, the DNC's resident NILF.”

The Democratic National Convention was full of special appearances and inspiring speeches this week, but there’s still one very important DNC guest we have to discuss — Hillary Clinton’s wildly-hot nephew.

Tyler Clinton was spotted giving his aunt a congratulatory hug and kiss after her speech on Thursday night, and the internet immediately did some digging to find out who the handsome stranger was.

The results were even better than expected, however, when shirtless modeling photos of the young man, who was found to be the son of Bill Clinton’s half-brother, Roger Clinton Jr., quickly surfaced.

tyler clinton
Adina Doria

The photos of the 22-year-old in just a pair of jeans were taken by photographer Adina Doria, and had Twitter users thirsting for more.

“Hillary Clinton’s nephew Tyler will make you want to vote Democrat ALL THE WAY down the ballot,” wrote one user after discovering the photos.

The young Clinton reportedly just graduated from Loyola Marymount University, and his Uncle Bill served as his class’ commencement speaker.

Here’s hoping Tyler follows his aunt very closely on the rest of the campaign trail.

h/t: Us Weekly

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