Hillary Clinton Is A Lesbian In New Conservative Rumor

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

You know how if you support gay marriage it totally means you’re gay, in the same way that being eco-friendly totally means you’re a polar bear? Thankfully we have people like Sandy Rios to remind us of that. Rios, a Fox News contributor and radio host backed by the conservative Christian group   American Family Association, recently opined that Clinton is a lesbian. Keep in mind, she doesn’t have any evidence to back up this claim, but you know, she supports rights for gay people so she’s a total lesbian, yeah?

Rios spoke about Clinton’s “love of homosexuality” and how she “endorsed and embraced all things lesbian and gay.” Rios has used this tactic before, suggesting that Susan Rice was gay because she supported gay rights. Using this logic, we know that Rios loves spouting shit, so she may herself be a toilet. Can we get someone to look into this?

We feel bad that Clinton has to continue to be attacked by conservatives basically just for being herself, though she has endured worse. At least this time it’s not about her having sex with a panda.

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