Watch Hillary Clinton Interview to Be Murphy Brown’s New Secretary

The former presidential candidate made a surprise cameo on last night's revival premiere.

Last night, Murphy Brown returned to TV 20 years after its original series finale. Most of the original cast returned for the revival, and so did the never-ending quest to find Murphy a secretary who will stick around.


In the original run famous faces like Bette Midler and John F. Kennedy Jr. interviewed to be her secretary, but last night’s celeb cameo might be the biggest yet: Hillary Clinton.

The former presidential candidate made a surprise appearance as a woman named Hilary—with one L—who is interviewing to be Murphy’s new secretary.

“For four years I was the secretary of a… very large organization,” Clinton responds when Murphy asks if she has any secretarial experience. And of course, the writers couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make a joke about her emails.


Murphy admits that Hilary might be a “little overqualified” for the position, but says she will think about it and get back to her. Hilary then gives Murphy her business card with her email address: “”


This isn’t the first appearance by Clinton during the new TV season. She will also appear as herself on the season premiere of Madam Secretary. Clinton already has a Grammy, could an Emmy be next?

Watch Candice Bergen and Murphy Brown creator Diane English talk about Clinton’s cameo in the behind-the-scenes video below. And let’s start brainstorming what other CBS shows she could cameo on…

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