Hillary Clinton Reacts To Seeing Guys’ Butts Painted With Her Campaign Logo

They're with her.

Last night Hillary Clinton’s latest stop on the promotional tour for her book, What Happened, was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“It wasn’t easy. It was painful. It was horrible, reliving it. And, you know, being as candid, open as I could be about the mistakes I made, and talking about those,” said Clinton when Colbert asked her about writing the book.

Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images

“But also trying to come to grips, as I write in the book, about everything from sexism and misogyny to voter suppression to the unusual behavior of the former Director of the FBI, and the Russians. And the Russians.”

Clinton spoke at length at about her past with Vladimir Putin, and if Russia’s meddling in the election was a personal attack against her.

After they finished discussing the book, Colbert broke out a bottle of Chardonnay to cheers her. In an another segment during the interview, the late night host revealed a packet of jokes that his writers wrote when they assumed that Clinton would be our next President.

Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images

In addition to jokes there was also a planned video starring vocal Clinton supporter, Katy Perry, and a picture of naked men showing their love for Clinton—on their butts.

“One of the things we were going to do to celebrate a woman in charge is that we were going to have naked men on the stage,” Colbert said as he showed a photo to Clinton as she laughed hysterically.

“I don’t think we can show this at home,” he added as he flipped the picture around to show the studio audience.

“Across their butts it says: “I’m With Her.”

Judging from her reaction we think Clinton approves.

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