This Fictional President Hillary Clinton Twitter Account Will Get You Through The Next Four Years

"DAY 16: Hired @melissamccarthy as press secretary. Told Ryan/McConnell that they're spineless dickwads. Sent Bill to Giant for Budweiser."

In the new and wonderful world of alternative facts, we’ve learned that when the truth is too hard to take, there’s nothing wrong with living in a fantasy.

That’s Twitter user Sarah Lerner’s take, anyway: She’s created “Alt-POTUS 45”, a Twitter account that imagines what presidential tweets would be like if Hillary Clinton won the Electoral College.

Dishing out some of the drollest and driest political humor out there, Lerner also gives shellshocked progressives a momentary respite from the barrage of Trumpery. (And sends the First Husband on plenty of errands.)

The account calls up that inimitable Kate McKinnon-SNL energy and, really, that’s something we can all use more of. Below, Twitter has gathered the first 17 days of “Alt-POTUS 45” in a Moment.

Be sure to check out Sarah Lerner’s Twitter, too.

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