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Historic Senate Vote Confirms Eric Fanning As First Openly Gay Army Secretary

President Obama nominated Fanning eight months ago, but a Republican Senator held up the confirmation vote.

After a unanimous and historic vote, the U.S. Senate has finally confirmed Eric Fanning to be the next Secretary of the Army, making him the first openly gay leader of the country’s military service.

Fanning had to wait 242 days since President Obama first nominated him to the position last year, due to Republican Senator Pat Roberts blocking the confirmation vote by a parliamentary tactic.

Roberts claimed his opposition was solely based on a dispute over the Obama administration’s attempts at closing the Guantanamo Bay prison, and released his hold after being assured that time had run out on moving the detainees.

Fanning, whose past experience makes him among the most qualified to ever be nominated, was the Acting Under Secretary of the Army and Chief Management Officer, and previously served as Acting Secretary of the Air Force, Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy and Chief of Staff of the Department of Defense.

His official new title makes him the highest-ranking openly-LGBT military officer in United States history.

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