“Hit The Floor” Recap: “Caged Animals Are Unpredictable”

Jude and Zero have hot sex in a closet.

Jude and Zero didn’t have a lot to do on this week’s episode of Hit The Floor until the end of the show, but it was worth the wait.

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But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

We start out with both guys dealing with business and personal issues. Zero is puffed up, having been named team captain and thinking he’s cock of the walk. Until star player Derek informs him that he’s actually cock of nothing, as his newly signed contract gives Derek the team captain position.

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Zero is not pleased, and decides to blackmail potential team owners Jelena and Terrence. He’ll keep their secret (that they’re trying to buy the team) if they promise to trade Derek once the sale goes through.

With a smile like this, how can they resist?

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Meanwhile, Jude has been summoned by his father Oscar (who’s in prison awaiting a murder trial). The last time they spoke Oscar told Jude that he knew he was gay, and it ended with “I don’t have a son.”

Zero sees Jude looking troubled, and Jude explains that he knows his father is just looking for a way back into the business, but he is curious about what Oscar has to say.

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Zero offer to drive Jude to the prison (Aww!), but Jude says he needs to handle this alone. Zero gives his some sage advice: “Prepare for anything. Caged animals are unpredictable. That’s what Oscar is right now. Whatever he’s got in mind, you need to be ready.”

Jude meets with Oscar, and it goes about as well as expected. Oscar congratulates him on being made EVP, and asks him what he did to earn new owner Lionel’s trust.

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Jude shakes his head and says “I knew this was going to be about Lionel. That’s why I’m here, because you need me.” Oscar tells him to calm down, but Jude exclaims “No, I won’t calm down. The last words you said to me were ’I don’t have a son,” don’t you think it’s strange you haven’t brought that up at all?”

Oscar asks him “If you think I’m just going to use you, why’d you come?,” and Jude replies “To give you this. You do have a son. This is him. That is me. Until you’re ready to acknowledge that, we have nothing to say.”

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After Jude drops the mic, everyone attends a fancy masquerade ball held by Jelena and Terrence. Zero once again reiterates his blackmail demands, which sound even more dastardly and old school moustache-twirling behind a mask.

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He meets up with Jude, who gives him the sad details of his meeting with Oscar. Their conversation is, well, let’s just say, foreplay.

Jude: “I’m not going to let him use me again. I’m not going to be an afterthought.”

Zero: “I can’t even imagine you being that. I think about you first all the time.”

Jude: “You’re the most screwed up person I’ve ever met. And the only person who makes me feel normal.”

Then this happens.

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Unfortunately, after their hot coat room encounter, it goes back to Zude business as usual. After laughing about Jude accidentally wearing Zero’s underwear, Zero tells him “I’ve missed you,” and Jude says “I missed you too.”

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Then Zero has to be Zero again and he asks “Should I leave first or should you?” So much for afterglow. Jude sighs and says “Nothing’s changed, same old story. I’m still your secret! Something you have to hide.” Zero tells him he’s being dramatic, and Jude points out “We’re literally in a closet together!”

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Zero can’t argue with the truth, and Jude tells him “Until you have something new to offer me, leave me alone. If you care about me at all, stay away.” Door slam.

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The episode ends with Zero taking the stage at the party to make an announcement, and at first I thought “OMG, he’s going to publicly come out in front of everyone to prove his love for Jude!” But this is Zero we’re talking about. It was actually just to twist the knife in Jelena and Terrence, who finally agree to his blackmail terms.

That’s it for this week. Next week’s preview has Zero actually saying “I love you” to Jude, or he may have been talking to a mirror, I’m not sure.

Here’s the cast and crew talking about this week’s episode, including that hook-up scene.

Hit The Floor airs Mondays at 10 PM ET on VH1

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