“Hit The Floor” Recap: Ghosts From The Past

Jude and Zero deal with family issues.

Previously on Hit The Floor, basketball player Zero provided able support to boyfriend Jude, proving they have the most functional relationship on the show.


Before we get to the guys (who had precious little to do this week), let’s just take a moment to reflect on how wonderfully cuckoo bananas this episode was. It included:

* Kyle bribing an orderly to take nude pictures of Raquel’s doctor “McHung” for shits and giggles.

* Sloane putting her fist through a vending machine (sometimes you just gotta have that York Peppermint Patty).

* The Devil Girls dancing as fireflies in a meadow for the dying Raquel, looking like extras from Fleetwood Mac’s “Gypsy.”

Screen Shot 03-21-16 at 10.54 PM

Was anyone else shocked that Raquel actually died at the end? I was sure that German was going to off himself in the hospital, thus providing a usable heart to transplant.

Anyway, both Jude and Zero had to deal with ghosts from their past, with Jude getting the shock of his life when Lionel reveals that she had his father Oscar released from prison to help stop the hostile takeover.

Yes, this look says it all.

Screen Shot 03-21-16 at 10.33 PM

Lionel insists that she has Oscar on a choke chain, having enough blackmail material to send him back to prison if he acts up, but of course he eventually turns the tables on her, and by the end of the episode is firmly back in charge.

Meanwhile, Zero and Jude meet with the private detective who is trying to track down Zero’s long-lost sister. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much to offer yet, telling them “When she was taken out of foster care, no paperwork was filed. She basically dropped out of the system.”

Even worse, he explains that her last-known foster home was all over the news for how horrific it was, and was shut down by the state.

Yes, this look says it all.


He can dig deeper, but it’ll mean breaking some laws, and that will take a lot more coin. Zero tells him he’ll pay whatever it takes.

Obviously, money talks, because the detective later tracks them down after the game and tells Zero “I found your sister.”

So that’s it for the penultimate episode of the season. Next week is the season finale, which has Jelena telling Zero “Payback’s a bitch, bitch,” and Zero smashing his fist through a glass display. And there wasn’t even a York Peppermint Patty behind it.

What do you hope happens in the last episode?

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