“Hit The Floor” Recap: Riding The Rainbow Dollar

Plus Zero is still haunted by the past.

Previously on Hit The Floor, basketball player Zero decided to ride his newly out stardom for all it’s worth, with the support of boyfriend Jude.

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That continues this week, as Zero’s initial apprehension has been replaced with the constant “cha-ching” of his inner cash register (the only thing missing is cartoon dollar signs in his eyes). He’s on the phone cackling with glee when a towel-clad Jude wants to know why he’s in such a good mood:

“Our kiss cost me a sponsor, but it snagged me two more. Rainbow credit cards, some kind of gay aftershave, and I signed a book deal for a million bucks. Did you know there was a gay dollar? I’m rolling in it, and it’s awesome!”

Jude is happy for him, but warns him that not everyone is going to be so accepting. Nothing can harsh Zero’s profit boner, though, and he says “screw ’em.”

Zero meets with the biographer who’s going to help him with his memoir, but Zero seems a tad confused about what a “tell-all biography” means. And he’s still refusing to put a label on his sexuality.

Biographer: “Bio’s going to be great. People love their Zero, and there have been so many. ’Christian,’ ’Bad Boy,’ now you’re gay. The video of you kissing your boyfriend has 8 million views on Youtube, and there’s that bathtime pic on your Instagram.

Zero: “I’m not gay. I’m with a guy, sure, last year I was with a girl.”

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The biographer asks “Let’s talk about your childhood,” and Zero immediately shuts him down, saying “The past isn’t really my thing. I live for the moment.”

Leaving the arena, Zero runs into former Devil Girl and event organizer Raquel, who’s currently married to southern sparkplug and current Devil Girl Kyle (in order to stay in the country). Zero mentions that Out magazine will be hosting a coming-out party for him, and he’d like her to use her considerable skills to make it unforgettable.

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She does just that, and the party is a wonderfully gaudy spectacle. But Zero’s biographer keeps pressing about his past, and when Zero squirms and balks again, tells him “Zero, you agreed to a biography, not a coloring book. Your fans want to know the real you.”

Not liking the hot seat, Zero is thankfully saved by Willam, who can always diffuse any awkward situation.

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Zero keeps evading questions about his past, but things take a major awkward turn when the biographer tells him he’d like to get together with him later that week, and maybe visit his childhood home. Zero is speechless, but Jude says “Oh, he can’t. We have a home game against Dallas. No time to jet to Colorado.”

Biographer busts things wide open by informing Jude “It’s not in Colorado, it’s here in L.A. I dug up the address.” Oops. This comes as news to Jude, who was told by Zero that he grew up in Denver, and Zero goes off.

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Biographer tells him “You’re getting a million dollars for a tell-all book. Either you tell all or there is no book.” Zero fumes and walks away.

But the party and the night is owned by Lionel, who arrives to deliver the best line of the episode, telling Zero “I’m so happy that Jude’s found love, but I didn’t think it would be with you. If you hurt him, I’ll drive my car so far up your ass you’ll taste wiper fluid.

Meanwhile, Jude was just as impressive on his own this week. He visits his father Oscar in prison again, which is never a good thing, but manages not to be caught in his web.

Oscar tells Jude he’s innocent, and he needs his help to prove it. The only evidence they have against him is from a medical examiner who skipped town, and he wants Jude to find him. When Jude asks “Why should I help you,” Oscar responds “So I can get out, and say my son made it happen.”

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Jude returns with an envelope, telling Oscar “The medical examiner. I found somebody to track him down, and I got his phone number.” Before he gives it to his father, he spells everything out.

“I think you had that dancer killed. And I think your’e using me to try and get off for it. I’m risking signing a man’s death warrant, risking being an accomplice because I want to believe you really care about family. Care about me. We can absolutely get to know each other, but here, one on one, while we let the courts decide. If you call this number, it’ll be the last time you ever see me.”

Sadly, Jude doesn’t have to wait long. Oscar goes back to his jail cell, pulls out a phone and dials the number that Jude gave him, thinking he’ll be connected with the medical examiner. In a moment I was not expecting, Jude answers, having perfectly trapped his father into revealing his true colors.

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Well played, Jude.

Arriving home, Jude tells Zero they have to talk about what happened at the party. Why didn’t he tell him he grew up in L.A.? Zero says “So what?” and Jude sensibly asks “You want to cash in on coming out without actually coming out?”

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Jude tells him that people care about his story, and he doesn’t know how lucky he is that people want to know who he really is. Zero finally understands, and says “Okay, I’ll go to that house, and tell my story. But not to him. To you.” AWWW!

So it looks as though next week we may finally get more clues to the mystery of Zero. Just how awful was his childhood?

Hit The Floor airs Monday at 10 PM ET on VH1.

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