The Newest (and Gayest) Season of “Hit the Floor” Will Make You Dribble

Creator James LaRosa and star Brent Antonello dish about the "scorching" season ahead.

Hit The Floor may have changed teams from VH1 to BET for its eight-episode fourth season, but the steamy show about a fictitious Los Angeles basketball team, the L.A. Devils, and its fierce dance squad is even steamier and gayer than ever.


“BET said, you’re on at 10pm now so bring it,” recalls creator and executive producer, James LaRosa. “The only marching order was just to be Hit The Floor—and I would say we’re pushing the envelope a little more. They’re pretty scorching episodes!”

Gay fans tuning in for the July 10 premiere may be shocked to learn that sexy player Zero, played by Adam Senn, has apparently been benched from the series, which means the end of Hit the Floor’s popular gay couple, “Zude,” who shared a hot and daring kiss in season three.

However, as teased in the show’s trailer, Jude (Brent Antonello) will find a new romantic foil in Noah (Kristian Kordula), a sports reporter, and a new couple nickname: “Nude.”

LaRosa says that Zero’s absence and its fallout will be addressed in the premiere episode. He remains completely tight-lipped about the specifics, yet LaRosa does share that behind the scenes, Senn didn’t return due to the new negotiations with cast that took place when changing networks.

“The biggest challenge was reassembling the cast, because everyone’s options were basically up,” he says. “While I’m very happy we got most actors back, there were a couple we weren’t able to. We have to address Zero’s absence, and we do.”

LaRosa also promises that viewers will appreciate Noah and the dynamic he brings to both the show and Jude. “Zero had a lot of issues and it was very fraught,” he explains, “because Zero’s storyline was coming out [as gay] in the world of testosterone-fueled pro basketball, and he was having an identity crisis. Noah is someone who is unfettered, he’s fully aware and embracing of who he is, it’s not a big deal, and he’s more of a jokester and more fun.”

Antonello agrees. “Noah brings a different dynamic to the show we haven’t seen before and brings out a different side of Jude. Zero and Jude were pretty tortured individuals and had issues with the past as far as Jude wanted to be in a publicly out gay couple, and Zero couldn’t. You’re going to see Noah put the ball in Jude’s court this season and interesting things happen.”


There are also truly eyebrow-raising “interesting” things that happen for Jodi, Lyn O’Keefe’s shrewd Lionel, who is now single and—as also teased in the show’s trailer—gets Sapphic with a new character, Eve (Tiffany Hines). “That may come as a surprise to fans who don’t know her that way, but Lionel has always been a very unapologetic character who always does things the way Lionel wants to do them,” LaRosa says.

He won’t spill any details about Eve’s character, except that she’s “really fun, a strong woman, very intelligent, and works for the league and likes to have fun. And Willam Belli makes a return appearance. The rainbow flag is flying pretty high on Hit The Floor this year.”

The fourth season of Hit the Floor premieres July 10 on BET.

Lawrence is a New York-based travel and entertainment writer whose work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Time Out New York and The New York Post.