Gay Man Receives 7 Years In Prison For Infecting Two Partners With HIV

Antonio Reyes-Minana was convicted of gross bodily harm.

A gay man in the UK was handed a seven-year prison sentence for exposing two male partners to HIV without their knowledge.

Antonio Reyes-Minana was convicted of committing grievous bodily harm after having unprotected sex with the men, both of whom became infected. According to testimony Reyes-Minana tested positive in 2010 but lied to one of the men, insisting he had acquired the virus from someone else.

“He lied about the nature of his relationships with the victims and tried to blame a third party for infecting them, insinuating that their allegations were part of a plot against him,”said prosecutor James Allen. “However, scientific evidence supported the prosecution case that it was Reyes-Minana had transmitted the virus to the victims.”

He was sentenced to three-and-a-half-years in prison for each victim, whose names were kept confidential.

“The consequences of Reyes-Minana’s actions will remain with his victims for the rest of their lives. This sentence reflects the seriousness of his offending.”

Critics of HIV criminalization laws both in England and the U.S. insist they are discriminatory and outdated, created at a time when the virus was considered an automatic death sentence.

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