Hockey Announcers Casually Discuss Grindr During Game Coverage

“I think it probably has something to do with those Mix Masters, those grinder attachments."

Conversations about hockey rarely ever turn into discussions about Grindr, but that’s exactly what happened between two announcers for the Ottawa Senators over the weekend.

Dean Brown and Gord Wilson were prepping for their call-in radio show after the game against the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday when the duo started gabbing about Grindr.

Brown explained the pair would be taking calls and questions via “emails, Tinder, Twitter, Grinder—all the social media stuff.”

Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

After Wilson became confused by hearing “Grindr” included, Brown replied, “Well, I don’t know what any of them do, so I just mention them all.”

The men tried to then figure out if Grindr is “a thing,” admitting that they have no idea what it is.

“Wow, I can only imagine what’s found on Grindr or who’s found on Grindr,” Wilson said, before Brown suggested that it may have something to do with “those Mix Masters, those grinder attachments.”

Graig Abel/Getty Images

“Probably all the things you can grind with one of those machines—cheese, vegetables,” Brown said. “We’ll get Matt to figure out what that is and let us know what Grindr actually is. I’ve heard it, so I know it’s part of the social media thing. Not that I’m old and not into this.”

Looking forward to the guys finding out the true meaning of Grindr this holiday season. Head to Deadspin to hear an audio clip of the convo.

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