Holiday Crowdsourced Meme

We’ll be back to a regular schedule tomorrow, but today we’ll have a TvoT, Briefs and a couple of special posts. So how was your NYE? Any tales of debauchery you want to share? Or can’t you remember? Feel free to spill your guts … if you haven’t already. We won’t judge … much. Or if there are any fun or newsy items you want to share with your fellow AE readers, by all means!

Here are a couple of items to start.

What was the #1 song 30 years ago this week? Here are your hints – It was the biggest hit for the #1 rock duo of all time. It was the fifth of their six #1 hits. It was the first single from the album H2O.

Do you have any NYE or Day rituals? I always find time to spend with my beloved Roz Kelly, as she tries to survive the New Year’s Evil!

Marriage-equality has begun in Maryland

Lake Superior State’s 38th list of banished words. Sorry, I will never stop saying “boneless wings”

The biggest GLBT stories of 2012 in under two minutes.

We’ll have video of Kathy and Anderson in today’s Briefs, but here’s a demure pic … before the bleeps started.

The #1 song 30 years ago was … “Maneater” by Hall & Oates!

Okay, your turn!

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