Last Minute Gift Guides: Gift Cards That Don’t Suck

Give the gift of cards!

Okay, so you’ve made your list and checked it twice and – EEK! – someone didn’t make it into the gift buying frenzy of the past month. Let’s also add to that the person that is quite honestly going to return whatever thoughtful item you painstakingly select for them and it’s time for a gift card. Plus, all of the suggestions below can be delivered as an eCard (except one,) which means shipping is IMMEDIATE. Let’s get going, shall we? – Not only can your Kindle-loving mother use it to purchase her next favorite novel (Danielle Steel has to have SOMETHING out, right?) but your video game loving younger family members can also use it to buy whatever they want.

Groupon – Who WOULDN’T want a gift certificate they can use toward classes, restaurants, skydiving adventures or whatever that fabulous business has a deal on today? They’ll thank you when they can book that date night and not have to pay for it. Again, you can email it or send one via mail.

Crate and Barrel – You laugh but I’ll bet you every person on the planet can find something at IKEA that they want or need. Even if you never purchase a stick of furniture from there, the glassware is perfect for your party-throwing friend who is constantly breaking wine glasses.

Sephora – I know of no man or woman on the Earth that would be able to keep a Sephora gift certificate in their possession longer than a week. Everyone can find something they love. You can also send this gift card via Facebook so it shows up on their wall and everyone can clearly see that you have, indeed, remembered to get them something.

Target – Remember that massacre that happened over Missoni for Target where people lost their minds buying everything in sight? Yep, a gift card might have come in handy that day. It also comes in handy when you’re broke and need toilet paper. Just saying. Speaking of Target…

iTunes – When in doubt, please remember that Apple really does kind of run the world at this point and you can buy these in line at Target in a pinch (again, the only gift card that isn’t online.) iTunes gift cards can allow the recipient to purchase anything from the vast array of offerings on iTunes. It will also make sure there’s no excuse for their playlist to be two years old the next time they have to bring the music to the party.

Williams-Sonoma – Chefs are particular about what they put in their kitchens. Give your fabulous dinner party culinary snob this gift card and they can get whatever they REALLY want.

Oh, and when you need to get someone a really great gift card for a great luxury purchase, look no further than the Neiman Marcus gift card. Luxurious, amazing and perfect for the person with discriminating taste. That Christmas Book every year is like high roller porn.

See? Now you don’t even have to leave this post to finish all your Christmas shopping. You’re welcome, dolls. :)