Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For Dear Mom

Ah, your mother. Whether she’s known as “Mom,” “Mommy” or “Mommy Dearest” (in which case, I would stay away from sharp objects and wire hangers) she’s the woman who gave you life and some respect must be paid. Here are some quick gift ideas for dear old Mom:

You know what delights mothers most? When they don’t have to cook. Save everyone from another Christmas morning disaster (or just give the poor woman a break) with Williams-Sonoma Croissaints ($39.95 for a set of 15.) You just leave them on the counter to rise, then pop them in the oven for a bit on Christmas morning to understand why they’re one of Oprah’s all-time favorite things.

Robes are just an “okay” gift unless they’re of the cashmere variety. Give Mom a chance to chillax with the Arlotta Cashmere Shawl Collar Long Robe ($425.) It’s incredibly soft, warm and will keep her in a dreamlike state for hours while you sneak out for a drink with friends while you’re home for the holidays.

If you’ve got a mother who’s a bit of a beauty addict as well as trendy gal, there’s no hotter makeup item on everyone’s wish list than the NARS “Kudoki Kabuki” Lip Set ($125.) Created after a traditional Kabuki lip kit, the hand-spun wisteria-wrapped brush will beautifully apply the three gorgeous lip colors included. This kit will also make your favorite drag queen scream with delight.

When you can’t send Mom to the spa, why not give her the next best thing? This Bliss Scent Sensation set ($117) contains body butters, soapy suds and a hand cream in three different scents. She can take some time for herself after Christmas dinner, when your aunt falls passes out in the mashed potatoes after too much eggnog.

Getting Mom perfume can be tricky, but if she can create her own scent on a whim, you’ll be a winner. This gorgeous Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Fragrance Chronicle ($110) is the perfect gift, with a base fragrance and a trio of exclusive accords that she can mix to create her own perfect fragrance.

Finally, let’s talk about this year possibly being the year where you need to make up for being a very bad boy. As in, you didn’t call enough, you haven’t been home in years or perhaps there was a whole lifetime of drama for which you’ll need to apologize. In that case, spend up, buttercup. Jewelry is the only thing that can save you now, and I would suggest something along the lines of this David Yurman Olive Quartz, Diamond, Sterling Silver & 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet ($1900).