Holiday Gift Guide: 7 Gifts For Your Pets, Crazy People

Cat ladies, dog lovers, and hamster enthusiasts — listen up! The holidays are right around the corner, and the last “person” you’d want to forget on your list is Fido. Animals don’t talk (Regardless of what  Look Who’s Talking Now has lead you to believe. Bless you 1993 Kirstie Alley) so luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top pet gifts for the holiday season. Even the cat that has everything probably doesn’t have a unicorn horn. So open your hearts, and wallets, and let your pet know you’re thankful they’ve only peed on the couch a few times this year by rewarding them with one of these beloved gifts.

  1. Unflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats“Cats Love It” – They sure do! Just look at that face! There is absolutely nothing weird or immoral about putting a giant, inflatable, phallic horn on your cat. He will be the envy of every puss on the block. Meow that’s what I’m talking about!
  1. Weird Rubber Chicken Man Dog Toy: Sunglasses? Check. Money sign necklace? Check. Flame Shorts? Check and check. There’s no other rubber squeaky your dog will love more than a no-armed chicken with painted toenails. Make his dreams come true otherwise he’ll accidentally fetch the remote when that awful Sarah McLachlan commercial comes on.
  1. Toilet Water Bowl for DogsTired of your dog always drinking out of the toilet? Get him his own! There’s nothing confusing or misleading about making his water bowl look exactly like the thing you wish him not to drink out of. If all else fails at least you found a way to really class up your apartment.
  1. Cat DJ Scratch PadDo you love dub step? Does your cat? Have you always wanted your cat to grow up to be a DJ? Well then this is absolutely for you.  Turn Mr. Whiskers into DJ Whiskers and throw the craziest house party your block has ever seen. Turn up the bass and pass the catnip!
  1. Doggie SunglassesLet your pooch spend his dog days the right way with these fashionable sunglasses just for him! Cruisin’ the beach or the dog park your pup will attract only the fanciest bitches.
  1. Alligator Ferret HideawayEveryone knows that a ferret’s natural habitat is inside of a gators mouth. So why not make your rascal friend a bit more comfy this year with this Alligator Ferret Hideaway. Your ferret will truly feel at home in this delightful little plush.
  1. BONUS!!!! Human Gift – Crafting with Cat Hair Book: Do you use hair rollers to rid yourself of unwanted cat hair? Are you vacuuming and brushing your cat and just disposing the fur? You my friend are wasting precious crafting supplies. Let the dander fly as you sew the most adorable tote bags, finger puppets and more! Your relatives and friends will love the treasures you make them and will not think it’s creepy at all.

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