Homophobes: Coronavirus Originated at Italian “Gay Conference”

Surprising, surprise—the claims are completely false.

Anti-LGBTQ religious extremists are going to great lengths to blame the coronavirus pandemic on the queer community.

Earlier this month, a video began circulating in right-wing circles of a large gathering of men partying in the streets. Many are wearing rainbow-hued garb, and some are shirtless. Naturally, one homophobe tried to draw parallels between the video and the coronavirus crisis, alleging on social media that the footage was from the “the last gay conference in Italy before the virus attack,” as LGBTQ Nation reports.

That post was shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook.

Surprise, surprise: These homophobic claims have no merit. The footage in question is almost two years old and not even from Italy.

Fact-checkers from AFP Fact Check pointed out that the music playing in the background is “Minha pequena Eva,” a popular song from Brazil’s annual Carnival festivities. The video—and the rainbow shirts partygoers are wearing—were then traced back to a 2018 Carnival party in Bahia, a Brazilian city.

It’s hardly the first time the religious right has attempted to blame LGBTQ revelers for an international crisis. Mind you, this is a pandemic that is expected to take a disproportionately devastating toll on queer people, who already suffer from other serious comorbidities.

Hate to break it to you, homophobes, but most of us aren’t taking cues from the “Twinks4Trump” guy or disgraced ex-congressman Aaron Schock.

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