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Homosexuality Is Still A Crime In India, Even Though 95% Of The Country Wants It Legalized

"Taboos are created by people who actually have no business interfering in or judging another's choice."

A six-week long nation-wide survey conducted in India proved the country stands with love, as a whopping 95% of people answered that they support the decriminalization of gay sex and 70% thinks the world needs to be more open to LGBT relationships.

The survey, conducted by Facebook community IamwhoIam, was titled “Freedom to Love,” and received 3,293 responses — 83% of which were under 35 years of age.

It continued to reveal that respondents wanted strict laws against violence toward LGBT people, and that many of them have been hurt by their parents’ rejection after introducing them to a love interest.

“People are becoming possessive about their freedom to love and this is one kind of possessiveness everyone should support,” said IamwhoIam founder Sharif D. Rangnekar when commenting on the findings. “It spreads love and not hatred and that is a good enough reason to respect such choices and not interfere with them.”

The overall reaction to the survey was summed up perfectly by one of the respondents, who said, “Taboos are created by people who actually have no business interfering in or judging another’s choice. Every individual has the right to choose whom they want to be with, not fearing social norms.”

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