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Honey Maid Celebrates Love Day With Coming Out Stories And Tears of Joy

"I love you no matter what in the world—don't you know that?"

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone—singles can find themselves eating an entire box of chocolate and marathoning sad movies on Netflix.

So Honey Maid wants us to celebrate Love Day.

Love Day is about celebrating the great loves in your life—like the love between two adopted brothers, a mother’s love for her gay son, the love between a lesbian woman and her grandmother, or the love of a parent for their trans child.



In the spot above, a mother hugs her weeping son, telling him she knew he was gay. “I love you no matter what in the world. Don’t you know that?”

Honey Maid Love Day

The mother of a trans teen, meanwhile, assures him, “you have to realize, as a parent, that there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

Unconditional love is a beautiful thing.

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This isn’t the first time Honey Maid has been inclusive in their advertising: Last spring, the company included two gay dads in a commercial. The guys made a second appearance last month.

When conservatives spewed forth with outrage, Honey Maid hierd an artist to print out each hateful tweet and email and turn it into a piece of art about love.


When a company stands beside us like this, it’s time to include it on your cheat day.

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