Anti-Gay Activists In Hong Kong Say Same-Sex Marriage Will Lead To Abortions, Incest, Human Trafficking

"Marriage, family and children are a gift from God.”

Anti-LGBT activists in Hong Kong have declared that legalizing same-sex marriage would lead to human trafficking, an uptick in abortions and the decriminalization of incest.

The outrageous claims were made during a forum on marriage equality held by the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB), the country’s largest political party.

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One audience member said he was concerned that childbirth would be “commercialized” if same-sex couples could wed and adopt. It would also lead to human trafficking, he theorized, because of increased demand for surrogate mothers, and an increase in abortions when surrogates become pregnant with more than one baby.

Other attendees readily agreed.

Insisting “marriage, family and children are a gift from God,” said Reverend Jayson Tam of the Evangelical Free Church of China. Tam suggested that Taiwan’s recent move toward marriage equality is the reason that country has the highest divorce rate in Asia and one of the world’s lowest birth rates. He also claimed that Taiwan’s AIDS rate was 10 times that of Japan and South Korea.

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Another speaker, Josiah Chok Kin-ming, insisted the objective of the LGBT movement is sexual liberation, which, he insists, will ultimately lead to not only an increase in human trafficking, but also the legalization of incest.

“The effect [of same-sex marriage] on adoption and human trafficking is indisputable,” he said. “Another incontestable fact is that, of around 20 countries that have legalized same-sex marriage, around a dozen have introduced the idea of decriminalizing incest.”

Chok was previously chief officer of Hong Kong’s Equal Opportunities Commission, but was removed from office in 2014 for helping church groups lobby against LGBT rights.

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Howard Lai, chair of Hong Kong’s Parents for the Family Association, claimed marriage equality would lead to gender confusion. “De-gendering is the worst kind of impact,” he explained. “Sex comes naturally. Our DNA decides our biological sex, it is not an option. Some people fantasize about getting rid of it, but it is impossible.”

Raymond Chan, Hong Kong’s first openly gay elected officialtold HKFP that the statements made during the seminar were completely unfounded.

“They have absolutely nothing to do with gay marriage or homosexuality. Sometimes people make the slippery-slope fallacy, in that they exaggerate its effect with unlimited consequences.”

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