More Than 10,000 People March In Hong Kong Pride

"Discrimination Says Goodbye."

More than 10,000 revelers, including diplomats from more than a dozen countries, flooded the streets of Hong Kong Saturday for the city’s ninth annual LGBT Pride parade, Hong Kong Free Press reports.

“Turn the Tide, Walk With Pride—Discrimination Says Goodbye” was the official theme for this year’s event, where activists called on the government to increase legal rights and protections for LGBT residents of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

Hong Kong decriminalized consensual same-sex relationships in 1991, but the former British colony still does not recognize same-sex marriage or civil unions, and its anti-discrimination laws do not cover sexual orientation or gender identity.

There is also an ongoing public consultation about the legal recognition of transgender and intersex people.

Hong Kong was chosen earlier this year as the first Asian city to host the Gay Games in 2022. The games are expected to bring more than 15,000 participants to the city and $128 million to the local economy.

“This is a big step forward for Hong Kong itself to be able to win this world game,” said Alfred Chan, chairman of Hong Kong’s Equal Opportunities Commission, “and it is also a big step for diversity inclusion.”

See photos and video from this weekend’s Pride event below.

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