Hong Kong has Gay Pride, Manhunt — Who Knew? [video]

Denise Ho

Well about 4,000 people at least, it seems. Not such a big deal, you think? Considering they had they had 2,000 folks at the festivities last year and being gay is a big ol’ no no in mainland China…it is fairly significant. And during the event — which featured Mr Gay Hong Kong winners, runners up dancing covered in Manhunt logos — Cantopop singer Denise Ho Wan-Si, also known as HOCC, hopped up on stage and came out. Surprise, world, mom & dad!

Then people wept / cheered.

And in other good news for the LGBT folks of Hong Kong, the special administrative region’s citizens recently elected their first gay politician, Ray Chan Chi-chuen who promises to start getting some more gay friendly laws on the books.

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