Hot Chefs Serve Up Thanksgiving

Correct us if we are wrong, but food tastes so much better when prepared by the gentle yet firm hands of a really hot guy. Mario Batali may know his way around an Italian kitchen, but when it comes to American classics, let’s stick to the recipes prepared by American* stallions. Here’s a recipe roundup for the best Thanksgiving recipes from some of America’s hottest chefs.

Hugh Acheson – Dude has an impressive unibrow, but at least he uses it to raise thousands of dollars for charity. And you may seriously cut your iPad with that chiseled jaw, so get over the brow thing already – your hairy back doesn’t do a darn thing for charity. Back to the bird though. This Roasted Sweet Tea Brined Turkey might be like, too Southern, but sounds fantastic, and provides you with a way to inject more calories, caffeine and sugar into one of America’s fattiest holidays. Stop thinking about the unibrow.

Forget the knife, that jaw will carve your turkey. Photo courtesy

Chuck Hughes – Funny, Root Vegetable Mash never sounded so appealing before Chuck Hughes dirtied his massive paws with the stuff. Keep mashing Chuck. Keep those tattooed arms mashing.

Hunky Canadian chef/owner of two of Montreal’s best restaurants, Garde Manger and Le Bremner and man with the classic good looks of a mid-century movie star. Photo courtesy

Aarón Sánchez – Make Thanksgiving a little less WASPy with this highly awarded and completely adorable chef’s Chorizo and Cornbread stuffing.

Caliente! Photo courtesy

Curtis Stone – Making the most humble of veggies seem just a little bit sexier, your guests will flip over this gent from down under’s individual onion tarts with Tomme de Savoie cheese.

Hot in and out of the kitchen. Photo courtesy

The Voltaggio Brothers – Wrapping up our sideboard of stallions with not one but two sets of chef brothers. Bryan and Michael Voltaggio have done wonders for the culinary and hot guy cred of Maryland. Their cranberry-orange compote is simple and pretty and totally boozed up with an entire bottle of Riesling. Sweet.

Competitive. Foxy. Hot onscreen, definitely hot in the kitchen. Photo courtesy

The Deen Brothers – To be clear, Jamie and Bobby will not be taken seriously by anyone who has attended culinary school for myriad reasons. Nonetheless, their Salted Caramel Pecan Pie would be the shining star of any dessert buffet south of the Mason Dixon. The pie crust is store bought, but say no to Dimples and Twang.

Not actually a gay couple or actually chefs, the Deen brothers, Jamie and Bobby make food on tv. That counts! Photo courtesy Artists Agency.

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* K, Hugh Acheson and Chuck Hughes are Canadian, but they cook ’merican food. And Canada is in North America so it counts. Curtis Stone is Australian but straight up adorable, so back off.