Sexy Guys Can’t Stop Making “Wrecking Ball” Videos: WATCH

Say what you will about Miley Cyrus and headscratching antics of late, but the woman will have our eternal gratitude for at least one thing: Getting cute straight guys to get naked and swing from balls.

We first noticed the epidemic of bare-skin ball riders when a “Wrecking Ball” homage video starring underwear model Bryan Hawn surfaced earlier this week.

wrecking ball Alex Blackburn

Source: Alex Blackburn’s Twitter

Then came news that Grand Valley State University in Michigan was removing a pendulum sculpture from its quad because too many students were re-enacting the video.

We received this cover video of “Wrecking Ball” by the band King the Kid—who have the advantage of being super-cute and really talented. (Their “Thrift Shop” cover clip is worth a watch, too.)

We like what we see of BBC DJ (and Ellie Goulding ex) Greg James, but the lipstick is giving us a Silence of the Lambs vibe. (Fortunately we can dial down the saturation and it looks like black and white.)

This one, from Froese ’n Cons, has a lot of heart but it’s missing two key elements for a good “Wrecking Ball” homage clip: A wrecking ball and full male nudity. Kinda core requirements, guys.


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