The Hottest Guys of New York Theater (2013)

Every autumn, in what has become a grand tradition, we at like to look around at the falling leaves and contemplate the endlessly cyclical nature of this unfathomable thing we call life. As the world around us prepares itself for the icy embrace of winter, it makes us all the more aware of the fragility of the present and the uncertainty of the future, and …

… what the hell are we talking about? Let’s throw some hot guys up on this piece!

So, we all know Hollywood is chock-full of sexy men these days, but the best kept secret of New Yorkers is that we also can boast some Grade-A man-meat. Live. On stage. Right in front of us.

Let’s take a little look see, shall we?

Cesar Abreu

Cesar Abru

“I think it’s important to never take yourself too seriously. I enjoy feeling grounded,” Cesar tells us. “To be named on of the hottest feels humbling … because I’m in the company of really amazing and talented artists.” The sexy performer – who credits his incredible body to maintaining an active lifestyle – says his proudest moment onstage was helping raise millions of to help people that are affected by HIV by participating in Broadway Bares. A body of steel and a heart of gold? Check.

Nick Adams

Nick Adams

Nick has been making waves on Broadway for years now, and while his matinee-idol face and unbelievable physique are enough to make him famous alone, he’s also a true triple-threat, and he proved that and then some with his star turn as Adam (aka Felicia) in Priscilla Queen of the Desert. When asked how he keeps that incredible body, he answers, “I’ve started to incorporate more jump rope and gymnastic classes to mix things up for my body. Also a clarisonic does wonders for the skin.” And what’s his proudest moment on the New York stage? “Definitely making my Carnegie Hall debut with the NY Pops. It was quite an honor and my mom was in the audience.” How adorable, am I right?

Guto Bittencourt


What can you say about super-hottie Rio native Guto Bittencourt that hasn’t already been said, most likely in both English and Portuguese? He’s got a killer bod and talent coming out of his ears. How does one get to look like that? “One of the biggest misconceptions is that if you work out regularly that you will automatically get in better shape,” Guto says, “but people need to remember that your diet is just as important, if not more. It’s important to eat right or you’ll never achieve the results you are aiming for.” And next on the horizon for Guto? “Something different that I am extremely excited about is a single I am releasing this summer called “Down In Rio”. I wrote the song with my producer David Schoenwetter and it will feature Curtis Young, the talented son of rap legend Dr Dre. My song has a unique latin edge with a beat that will make you want to dance!”

Our dance card’s currently accepting applications, Guto. Just sayin’.

Orlando Bloom


The man who first stole our hearts wearing a long blond wig and pointed ears in Lord of the Rings, Orlando Bloom’s had quite the dashing film career, and earlier this year, he added Broadway actor to his resume. The beautiful Brit has been playing everyone’s favorite lover boy in Romeo and Juliet at the Richard Rodgers Theater. Sure, he’s a little old for the role, but when he looks like that, who the hell cares? And to make him even hotter? We just learned that he’ll be showing off his little archer in the new film Zulu. What’s elvish for “sexy?”

Sam Cahn

Sam Cahn

The preternaturally chiseled Mr. Cahn is not only a veteran of Wicked both at home and abroad, he has appeared onstage with the likes of Deborah Cox and Celine Dion. What’s more, studies have shown his abs have been proven to make ancient Greek statues come to life simply so that they can weep with jealousy.

John Carroll

John Carrol

Okay, ever meet someone that makes you think life just isn’t fair? Well, John Carroll does that to writers. All writers. Everywhere. The Broadway actor is not only gorgeous and accomplished on the stage, he’s also made quite a name for himself as a writer for sites like The Huffington Post, Queerty, and The Advocate. Great. Now everyone expects writers to have beautiful faces and perfect abs. Thanks a LOT. When asked how it felt to once again land on the list, he tells us, “I’d like to thank God, Body Dysmorphic Disorder and my in-network plastic surgeon for this award.” As for his fitness advice? “Like most performers (I won’t name names…except for every guy on this list!), I find it to be a ridiculously strenuous workout having to lug around a huge ego.” Hah! Don’t forget to check John out (take that however you will) at

Matt Doyle


The eternally baby-faced Matt Doyle has been charming the pants off of New York audiences since the tender age of 19, beginning his career on Broadway in Spring Awakening in 2007. Currently starring as Elder Price in The Book of Mormon, Matt also played Juliet – sort of – in 2011’s Private Romeo.

Tim Federle

Tim Federle

Tim Federle may be best known these days as a best-selling author of books such Better Nate Than Ever and Tequila Mockingbird, but he’s got quite an extensive resume of Broadway shows. The New York Times said Tim “was born quipping,” and I’ll let his hilarious responses to our questions illustrate this point.

TheBacklot: How does it feel to be named one of the hottest guys of New York theater?
Tim Federle: I keep Googling myself to make sure I wasn’t mixed up with a much much hotter Tim Federle in your theatrical database.

Any fitness/grooming/general tips you want to throw out to our readers?
TF: Make friends with Photoshop experts.

Any upcoming/ongoing project you’d like to plug?
TF: FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, NATE!, the sequel to my debut novel, BETTER NATE THAN EVER, is out this January from Simon & Schuster. It’s about a small-town boy who’s making his Broadway debut in a ridiculous musical version of E.T.

What’s your proudest moment on the New York stage?
TF: Standing onstage in the cast of GYPSY while Bernadette Peters took her nightly bow.

What’s your funniest moment on the New York Stage?
TF: Standing onstage in the cast of CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG while the car took its nightly bow. Seriously.

Who is/are your show biz idol/s?
TF: Check out singer Morgan James. Her voice just isn’t fair.

Casey Garvin


Ah, a fresh young face, new to the New York stage, not yet spoiled by the grueling reality of the world. Where are we going with this? No idea, but who cares, when there’s beautiful dudes like Case Garvin around? One of the stars of the recent revival/reworking of Bare the Musical, Casey clearly has a bright future ahead of him. So who’s his show biz idol? “Hugh Jackman. He’s such a man and he does everything. I want to do film and TV as well as Broadway, and he just does it all. Plus I’d love to play a superhero at some point.” With the way Casey fills out a tank top, we’re pretty sure we can see it!

Follow him @caseygarvin

Judah Gavra


Super-fine Israeli native Judah Gavra has maybe my favorite answer to how one maintains such a chiseled physique: “Eat healthy and laugh a lot. It’s good for your abs.” When he’s not wowing crowds at Musicals Tonight over at Theater Row, Judah is competing in the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel with his song “We’re Beautiful,” co-written with Tomer Adaddi. Check it out on iTunes! Though his resume’s extensive, Judah’s proudest moment on a New York stage was singing at Carnegie Hall, and he offers us this sage advice: “Keep creating all the time, you can never know when the big opportunity to present your work is going to show up.”

Andrew Glaszek


Though this is a list all about the hotties of the New York stage, if you don’t happen to live in New York, guess what? You’re in luck, because you can still see the flawless, living marble statue that is Andrew Glaszek right here on your computer screen in the award-winning web series Hustling, along with creator (and fellow lister!) Sebastian LaCause. Currently shooting the third season, Andrew will also be on stage in a new play by Andy Halliday early next year called Nothing But Trash, a funny send up of teen-angst films from the 50s. And if his work on Hustling doesn’t fulfill all of your Andrew needs, look for him in Leather, coming out this December.

Luke Guldan

Luke Guldan

Actor/fitness model Luke Guldan bodyslammed his way onto the New York theater scene in a big way this past summer in the smash (literally) Fringe hit Breaking Kayfabe, putting a hold on audiences that left them desperate to submit. Up next for the diesel dude are guest spots on Blue Bloods and Broad City (a new show on Comedy Central). He also recently wrapped a pilot for MTV. You can follow all the latest news for Luke at his website and on Facebook. And if you want a closer look at what makes him such a successful model, let’s just say Google image search might just be your new best friend. (But come right back here afterwards.)

Randy Harrison


Though most of you probably know him as the angelically beautiful, wide-eyed blond twink Justin from Queer as Folk, Randy Harrison is all grown up now, even more handsome, and spending most of his acting time working on the stage in and around New York. Currently Randy most recently appeared onstage in Chad Beguelin’s Harbor.

You can follow him on Twitter @RandyHarrison01

Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne Jackson

What can we say that hasn’t already been said about Cheyenne, Mr. Jackson if you’re nasty? He’s got the square jaw and blazing eyes of a superhero, the body of a swimsuit model, and the voice of an angel. Oh, and he’s funny, as evidenced by his turns on Glee and 30 Rock. A bit much, right? Okay, you can tone it down, now, Mr. J. We get it. You’re better than us.

For more on Cheyenne, visit his official website, and/or follow him on Twitter @cheyennejackson

Andrew Keenan-Bolger


Andrew’s response to us asking how it feels to land on the list? “Well, I’m a short character actor known mainly for wearing dirt and carrying around a crutch so, yeah, I’m pretty freakin’ honored to get somehow lumped in with all these hotties!” Crazy-hot looks and humility is a winning combination, amiright? Andrew’s got a full plate these days, with a book coming out, a film with Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei, a new Off Broadway play (Family Furniture), and a spot on HBO’s new gay-themed show, Looking! How does he have the energy? Just typing that made us out of breath. Maybe that explains his slammin’ bod.

Follow him on Twitter @KeenanBlogger

Grasan Kingsberry


Grasan just celebrated his 10th anniversary on Broadway (!) and credits his admirable physique (Seriously, check out his Broadway Bares performances. You’ll thank me later.) to maintaining a balanced lifestyle, not to mention sticking to the essentials: water, coconut water, juicing, and, of course, sleep. What’s the funniest moment he’s had on stage? “In Motown, the show I’m currently in, we attract folks from all different walks of life. But we particularly get those audience members who think they are in their living rooms watching the TV and yelling at it. But this is live theater and we can see and hear you!! This one lady was sitting two rows from the stage and she was just a talkin talkin talkin!! She yelled out something towards the end of the show that sent all of us, including our leading man, into a giggle fest, shoulders and all! It was hysterical.”

For more on Grasan Kingsberry, visit his Facebook page

Sebastian LaCause


Broadway renaissance man Sebastian LaCause has a lot going for him these days, not the least of which is his mega-popular web series Hustling, starring fellow Hot Lister Andrew Glaszek. How does he feel being named a Certified Hottie? “[It’s] like eating a truffle from Li-Lac Chocolates – it’s decadent and feels good on the tongue, but in a second it will dissolve – so enjoy it while it lasts!” (Just between us, I don’t see that dissolving any time soon.) And how does he maintain his leading man body? “Eat lots of Li-Lac truffles. I’m kidding. Produce two web series simultaneously, plus have a full time job, then book a few acting gigs throughout the year, only drink coffee for breakfast, a protein shake for lunch, pig out for dinner, obsess about missing the gym, then work out real hard before a gig or shoot.” He ranks his entrance every night in the revival of The Rocky Horror Show as his proudest Broadway moment – after all, how often do you get to be suspended high in the air above the audience – standing in a metal ring – belting a G? As for his funniest memory, that would have to be wearing a page boy wig, pointy toed shoes and tights in the Once Upon a Mattress revival. Any chance that costume could appear in the next season of Hustling?

Keep up with Sebastian LaCause via his Facebook page.

John Paul LaPorte


The face of Broadway Bares this year, John Paul LaPorte is the total package – adorable, fun, charming, and totally ripped. How does he get that body? “6 – 8 hours of sleep a night, tons of water daily, breakfast is a must whether it be cereal, or egg whites. 1/2 hour of cardio 5 days a week. 300 sit ups a day however you like to do them then PLANKS after, and squats (lightweight).” We’ll totally get to those three hundred sit-ups once we put down our martini. While John Paul is a mainstay at Broadway Bares every year, he says his funniest moment ever onstage was actually having confetti stuck in his eye during a performance of The Donkey Show, A Midsummer Night’s Disco, causing him to blink a mile a minute for at least a half hour.

You can fin John Paul LaPorte on Facebook.

Norm Lewis


Everyone on the theater scene knew Norm Lewis could sing like few in the world can. They also knew his acting skills could make even the mightiest of men weep like a tween who just lost their texting privileges. Then he showed up in The Little Mermaid barechested and revealed a totally ripped body. Hello, King Triton!

Keep up with Norm Lewis via

Kyle Dean Massey


We interviewed Kyle Dean Massey back in 2010, and every year he just keeps getting hotter. The veteran Xanadu and Next to Normal star continues to wow audiences, popping up all over the place. He’s currently starring as Fiyero in Wicked, and if there is a higher power in this universe, he’ll return to Broadway Bares next summer.

Jim Newman


Jim Newman impressed the New York crowd when he performed in Hands on a Hardbody this past spring, and then really gave ‘em something to talk about when he stripped down to a silver thong in Broadway Bares, thus showing he had quite a hard body of his own. What’s next for the mustachioed stud? Oh, just touring the world as the new Cowboy in the freakin’ Village People! Now that’s some pedigree right there. His proudest moment on stage? “Having my dad in the audience of my first Broadway show (Tommy). We were close, and I lost him last year, and no matter how “grown up” you get there is still no better feeling than making your parents proud.”

You can find Jim Newman on Facebook here.

Leslie Odom Jr


Though Smash – in which he had his breakout role as Sam – may be a thing of the past, Leslie Odom Jr. is going full speed ahead in his other role as live performer on the New York stage. And what does he regard as his fondest memory? “My Broadway debut 15 years ago. There’s nothing like it, and you only get one. One of my castmates gave me the very wise advice to take a deep breath and hold onto the moment for as long as I could because I’d never have it back again. So glad I did.” Up next for Leslie is the release of his debut album, set to drop in early 2014.

Follow him on Twitter @leslieodomjr

Rory O’Malley


Co-founder of the gay rights group Broadway Impact, this sexy ginger is most well-known for playing Elder McKinley in The Book of Mormon, for which he received a Tony nomination. And if you’re thinking he looks familiar but you can’t place it, yes, that was Rory in that awesome gay ad for Gap.

Follow him on Twitter @RoryOMalley

Ian Paget


As anyone with a working set of eyes can see, Ian Paget is basically physically perfect. So how did he get that way? “I’m a sucker for a Barry’s Bootcamp class couple days a week to get that extra push,” he says. “And I’ve been a swimmer my whole life so I try to keep that up daily. Other than that, I cook a lot at home and save eating out for that occasional Brunch moment.” Spoken like a true New Yorker! Currently appearing in Broadway’s Soul Doctor, Ian tells us his proudest moment on the New York Stage “would have to be opening night of Soul Doctor. My parents surprised me with my niece Alyssa in the audience. The fact that It was her first Broadway show AND the first time she got to see her uncle perform live gave me such a rush. At one point in the opening number of the show my niece and I caught eyes – she waved and smiled and out of pure joy I started to cry. One of the best moments of my life.” Aww … how adorable is he?

Follow him on Twitter @ijpaget

Adam Perry


Do we really even need to write anything? Seriously, just look at him. So what’s his secret? “Try to avoid cookie dough. I have a really hard time”. This Broadway vet has appeared in A Chorus Line, Promises, Promises, Wicked, Anything Goes, Nice Work if You Can Get It (“Matthew Broderick and Michael McGrath made us laugh every night,” he tells us), and often puts in a very memorable performance at Broadway Bares. What’s up next? “I’m currently working on The Last Goodbye at The Old Globe in San Diego. It’s probably my favorite project I’ve ever worked on. Fusing together the music of Jeff Buckley to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Its pretty special.” Don’t keep him too long, San Diego!

Follow him on Twitter @AdamMPerry

Matthew Pilieci


So … okay, we’re just going to address the big, girthy elephant in the room. There are full-frontal nude scenes, and there’s the nude scene that Matthew Pilieci performed in the Amoralists’ production of The Pied Pipers of the Lower East Side. Each night, Matthew strode onstage with a giant (and we mean giant), glorious boner. The scene was played for comedy, but it was also quite possibly the hottest thing we’ve ever seen on the New York stage, and there’s been a lot to see. Even when he’s covered up and less tumescent, though, Matthew is still a scene-stealer as he’s a tremendously gifted actor, as shown in his recent roles in Rantoul and Die and The Cheaters Club.

You can find Matthew Pilieci on Facebook

Nicholas Rodriguez


Veteran of this annual list, Nicholas Rodriguez came to national attention for playing Nick Chavez, one third of a very steamy love triangle on One Life to Live, and even earned a GLAAD Media Award for his portrayal. When he’s not sexy-ing up the stage, Nicholas can be found on the job as the artistic director for the Broadway Dreams Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on teaching kids the ins and outs of musical theater. Those movie star looks and the passion for giving back to the community? Yes, please.

Follow Nicholas Rodriguez on Twitter @thenickrod

Brandon Rubendall


What is it about Brandon Rubendall that always keeps us coming back for more? The handsome dancer has been seen in Anything Goes and Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, but it’s perhaps his work in Broadway Bares (not to mention the much more intimate Broadway Bares: Solo Strips) that make us entirely unable to quit him.

For more on Rubendall, visit

Robb Sherman


When you’re as hot as this dude, is it any surprise Ford was banging on your door to be one of their models? Having worked as an actor, a dancer, a model, a writer, and an artist, we’re sort of guessing there’s nothing Robb Sherman can’t do.

Find Robb Sherman on Facebook

Charlie Sutton


Handsome hoofer Charlie Sutton may be part of the smash new musical Kinky Boots, but he has a long history of earning attention dancing in Broadway shows, including (but not limited to!) The Addams Family, Cry Baby, La Cage Aux Folles, and Catch Me if You Can. Next up, Charlie will be choreographing a piece for BC Beat on November 11 at Cielo.

Sebastian Stan


When you look like that, is it any surprise you get tapped to play a villain in the new Captain America movie? While you may recognize him from shows like Gossip Girl and Once Upon a Time, Sebastian Stan first appeared on Broadway back in 2007 in Talk Radio, and returned to grace us with his buff, shirtless presence just this year in Picnic.

Follow him on Twitter @sebastianstan

Adam Swiderski


Indie theater mainstay Adam Swiderski has been bringing the hotness to the Off and Off Off Broadway stage for years now, and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. When Adam isn’t rocking out on a theatrical stage, he’s rocking out with his band Supermajor (and they happen to have an EP coming out soon, so be sure to check out that link). So what’s Adam’s proudest moment on stage? “Finishing the first performance of my first-ever play, The Crow.. I got into theater very late – I was 25 at the time – and hadn’t studied, so it wasn’t something I ever thought I’d be able to do. I won’t say it was the best performance I’ve ever given, but I made all my entrances and exits correctly, hit my blocking, and remembered all my lines…which, again, given that I’d never done this kind of thing before, all counted as major victories.” And the funniest moment? “Well, in my *second* play ever, I had a moment in which I was stripped by my scene partner. It was a very moody, very emotional, darkly lit scene. In our second or third performance, we got to the part at which my pants were removed, and the audience … well, they laughed. That isn’t quite the reaction you’re looking for with that kind of thing, so I was kind of flummoxed. It wasn’t until I got backstage that I realized I had, that day, worn a pair of boxers with glow-in-the-dark Grinch heads on them (a starving artist doesn’t throw out novelty gift underwear), and that, on the dark stage, they had probably shone bright and clear. At least, I *hope* that’s what they were laughing at.”

James Tabeek


While we ask for funny and interesting theater anecdotes from all of our hot actors, we think James Tabeek gets the award for most … unique: “My mom came to see a matinee of TABOO on broadway ten years ago during Christmas. There I was in the act one finale wearing only combat boots, a surgical mask, and panties and a bra that had the words “FUCK SLAVE” painted onto them, and slithering on the floor on all fours while licking Boy George’s red patent leather shoes. I thought to myself, ‘No one else in the world can say, nor will ever be able to say that they’ve had this experience that I’m having in this moment right now.’ That entire production was the most fun I’ve ever had on stage. PS – my mom loved the show so much that she bought another ticket for that very same night.”

Well, that kind of puts any awkward moments we’ve had with our parents to shame. Up next for the sexy actor is the role of “Devan” in the new web series, The Residuals coming this fall. Check out more at

Nic Thompson


Dashing Nic Thompson may be “honored, flattered, and a bit shocked” to be named one of New York’s finest, but he does have some great fitness advice: “Find cardio you enjoy doing, otherwise you won’t stick with it. I love to dance obviously, also I found I like spin and jumping rope. I avoid running because it is counter productive to dance training.” When asked about the most fun he’s had on stage, he tells us, “The most fun I’ve ever had was appearing in the opening number of Broadway Bares 2013 as Miss Texas with most of the angels from Kinky Boots and some of my good friends playing the other states. We were crazy up there.” As for his proudest moment? “Making my Broadway debut was pretty exciting. Having about twenty friends there to cheer me on made it even better. I tear up a little bit just thinking about it.” Aw. Handsome and sweet. Doesn’t get any better.

Follow him on Twitter @Nic_Thompson

Eric Ulloa


What does the handsome Eric Ulloa think of making this list? “Clearly, I’m flattered to be on any ‘hot’ list and I am sure my mother will be thrilled and embarrassingly email the outer family.” While he’s currently flexing his performing chops in the Goodspeed Opera House’s production of The Most Happy Fella, Eric is also the librettist of the musical Molly Sweeney, adapted from Brian Friel’s famous play. He is also the author of 26 Pebbles, a play that tells the story through interviews from people in Newtown, Connecticut about the Sandy Hook school shooting and how a community heals and moves forward. Powerful stuff, indeed. You can find out more about Eric at

Temar Underwood


When we contacted Temar and asked how it felt to make the list, he said, “It feels like someone made a mistake and will probably lose their job over this egregious error.” So what was his funniest onstage moment? “In Odysseus DOA, a beautiful play by Stephen Svoboda, I was playing a fierce lesbian transsexual in 4 inch heels and there is a scene where I had to step through these weird rubber rope things that created a cool web all over the stage. Intense, dramatic scene. Climax of the play. And one night, I got my heel caught in the web, for like 45 seconds. The whole play had to stop as my fellow actors tried to helped me get untangled. All of us were hiding tears of laughter…and soon enough, so was the audience. That’s the kinda stuff I’ll remember when I’m in an old-folks home. All the times I f*cked up and how hilarious it was. I’m just the worst.”

While he’s a veteran actor, Temar says his proudest theatrical moments have come as a playwright/director. “Seeing these actors bring something you’ve envisioned to life is inspiring. Not just inspiring because it’s your words, but inspiring because you see all the creative work they’ve done to bring a bit of themselves to it. I try to bind my soul to my work and it’s moving to see them bind their souls to it too.” And what’s on the horizon for the handsome Mr. Underwood? “I’m working on a new musical called Red Pop. Like cherry soda, but I’m black and from Cleveland, so I call it red pop. You heard it here first.”

For more on Temar Underwood, visit his website.

Israel Vinas


How do you get noticed when you’re a man in the cast of downtown hit Showgirls the Musical? Stripping down to a gold speedo and showing off you’re chiseled body while covered in glitter is a good way to start. “I’m one of the hottest guys in New York theater!” Israel exclaims when he gets the news. “And I only had to show my glittery taint to get here!”

Obviously, you don’t get a body like his by sitting around watching Downton Abbey, so what’s his secret? “With fitness- there is so much joy in exercising and making healthy meal choices. You never regret going to the gym, only not going!” The sexy stud is currently in rehearsals for Pipeline Theater’s production of Byuioo, a musical based on Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. And what was his funniest onstage moment? “Funniest onstage moment thus far has to be stripping down to a rainbow singlet as A.C Slater in Bayside! the Musical. So much bulge.”