The 15 Hottest Queer Singles Of 2018

Including steamy endorsements from your favorite comedians.

“In the spring, a young [queer’s] fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love,” British poet Alfred Tennyson almost said word for word. As we swap cardigans for tees, hot toddies for mojitos, our minds (and apps) have fixated on finding our next warm-weather boo.

After serious social media stalking, we’ve swiped right on 15 queer singles (okay, okay, we’re pretty sure they’re single, but slide into our DMs to correct the record—or ask us out). Can you believe Queer’s Eye’s long-haired angel Jonathan Van Ness made the list? Yaaas henny, right alongside blue jean model Shannon “Barb” Purser and Love, Simon’s Ferris-wheel heartthrob Keiynan Lonsdale. Throw in a fantastic Daniela Vega, Hayley Kiyoko, Nyle DiMarco, and 10 other dreamboats, and this could prove to be the ultimate round of speed dating.

To make the list more interesting, we invited seven of our favorite comedians—Patti Harrison, Drew Droege, Jes Tom, Amanda Duarte, Michael Henry, Pete Zias, Sampson—and Drag Race alums Jinkx Monsoon and Ginger Minj to weigh in on our biggest crushes of the year thus far.

To satiate your spring fever, please enjoy whilst lounging in a public park or on your rich friend’s roof.

  • 1. Jonathan Van Ness, TV Personality

    JB Lacroix/ WireImage

“Jonathan is such a sweetie, I don’t even mind that he’s a white guy with a man bun.” —Jes Tom

“He catches everyone’s eye as he enters a room—mainly because he always enters a room vogueing.” —Jinkx Monsoon

“I just watched a 12 minute YouTube tutorial he made on French braiding and I was fully engaged. And by fully engaged I mean planning our wedding.” —Michael Henry

“He has the hair of a cult leader, but of like, a cult of gorgeous people who do not commit awful sex crimes or exploit and displace homeless people for political gain. Also—kind eyes!” —Patti Harrison

“Fabulous! But something about him reads: If you yell out ’Jesus’ during sex, he’d stop and answer. I can’t quite figure out what it is.”

  • 2. Hayley Kiyoko, Musician

    Gabriel Olsen/Getty

“Oh, if only I could be a gorgeous, sexually confused teenage girl with a horrible, unsatisfying boyfriend so I could just tumble into the wicked, tender, spicy spell of Hayley Kiyoko.” —Drew Droege

“This ’Lesbian Jesus’ turns loaves into fishes. As a Crossdresser for Christ, I approve!” —Ginger Minj

“Hayley is the gaysian starlet of my dreams! We’re both 27, half Japanese, and from California, so we’re either long lost twins or soul mates (JK, she is way cooler than me).” —Jes Tom

“Hayley and I have so much in common. Her fans call her ’Lesbian Jesus’ and mine call me ’Pansexual Pontius Pilate.'” —Pete Zias

  • 3. Keiynan Lonsdale, Actor

    Paul Archuleta / Stringer

“Simon who? When can we make Love, Keiynan? I have a camera. Just saying…” —Drew Droege

“Fine as hell, but too young for me! Guys at his age want nudes and at my age, when I’m trying to turn a man on, I don’t send nudes—I send pictures of baked salmon, collard greens, and macaroni and cheese!” —Sampson

“It’s appropriate that he’s from Australia, because I can certainly picture him down under.” —Ginger Minj

“Please, someone put Keiynan in a package and send him straight to me. But not chopped up and stuff. I am not weird.”
—Patti Harrison

“I’ve got more than a Ferris wheel that I’d like him to sit on. I’m talking about bumper cars, I. Don’t. Know. What. You’re. Thinking.”
—Michael Henry

  • 4. Daniela Vega, Actress

    Sebastián Vivallo Oñate/Agencia Makro/Getty

“I know Daniela didn’t get to win an Oscar for A Fantastic Woman, so if I shave my head and spray paint myself gold, do you think she’d take me home?” —Jes Tom

“This stunning and beyond fantastic woman gave my favorite performance of the year. And I saw everything, including The Emoji Movie!” —Drew Droege

“Tragically snubbed for an Oscar, but I’d give her my statuette.”
—Amanda Duarte

“I hate Daniela because she is the slightly prettier version of me and the slightly more talented version of me if I were much prettier and much more talented.” —Patti Harrison

  • 5. Tituss Burgess, Actor

    Taylor Hill/Getty

“Not only does he have talent in spades, but he also looks good in everything—pink kimonos, blue kimonos—everything.”
—Jinkx Monsoon

“Tituss Burgess is known for his love of pinot noir and I am known for my love of pinot grigio. Maybe one day we can swap fluids.”
—Michael Henry

“He may seem a little crabby, but that’s only because he played Sebastian in The Little Mermaid. Talk about literal broadway fish!”
—Ginger Minj

“One of the funniest people alive. Don’t say no to this peen!”
—Amanda Duarte

“I’ll take a large glass of this pinot noir to go!” —Drew Droege

  • 6. Laith Ashley, Model

    Desiree Stone/WireImage

“Cute, sexy, beautiful body. and nice ass. I hate to see him leave, but I love to watch him walk away!” —Sampson

“Hey, Laith! A little birdie told me you were into 41 year olds who chug bourbon and burgers. Oh, that little birdie was my dreams!”
—Drew Droege

“He can hook up with me in any bathroom he wants.”
—Amanda Duarte

  • 7. Shannon Purser, Actress

    Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

“Oh Barb, we hardly knew thee. I adore you, and not just because we redheads stick together.” —Jinkx Monsoon

“How can Barb find anyone to date if no one can find Barb?”
—Pete Zias

“Now, I normally hate young people because they are younger and I, older, but Shannon is so talented and cool and I wish her the best.”
—Patti Harrison

“She can get lost in my upside down any time.” —Amanda Duarte

“I have been in love with you ever since you side-stepped into my heart with those acid-washed, high-waisted hip-huggers, nestling that tightly-clutched Trapper Keeper. Never change.” —Drew Droege

  • 8. Nyle DiMarco, Model

    Frazer Harrison/BAFTA LA/Getty Images for BAFTA LA

You wanna be on top?! From ancient scripture—but also me signing outside his hotel room.” —Michael Henry

“We are a perfect match. He’s America’s Next Top Model and I’m America’s Tired Top Bottom.” —Pete Zias

“Sorry, Nyle—I’m just not into perfect looking guys who also seem truly kind. So ummm…maybe stop calling me?” —Drew Droege

  • 9. B.D. Wong, Actor

    Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

“If loving this real-life daddy is B.D. Wong, I don’t wanna be right!”
—Ginger Minj

“Beautiful and responsible. He was able to get through a breakup and peacefully manage the task of co-parenting with his ex-husband. That’s sexy and grown. When you say ’Damn, daddy!’ to him, you’ll mean it literally.” —Sampson

“This gorgeous witch has never aged! Share your potions, demon!”
—Drew Droege

“A devoted father and a total daddy, B.D. Wong feels so right.”
—Jinkx Monsoon

“The rumor around town is that he has a special unit. And by special unit, I mean huge wiener. And by rumor I mean I’ve been writing fanfiction again.” —Michael Henry

  • 10. Alex Newell, Singer

    Walter McBride/WireImage

“How many of my own lungs do I have to sell to go on a karaoke date with this cutie?” —Jes Tom

“As a trans woman who does not normally condone cis actors playing trans characters, I 100% give Alex my full approval to play me in my biopic, as he is the only person on earth with my exact gorgeous singing voice!” —Patti Harrison

“This mama will provide: a little brains, a little talent—who could ask for anything more?” —Drew Droege

“So nice, if he’s on your island, make him come twice.”
—Amanda Duarte

  • 11. Trace Lysette, Actress

    Greg Doherty/Getty

“Trace is a gorgeous hero. If you disagree with me, I will decapitate you with the wings of her future Emmy, okay bitch?” —Patti Harrison

“Beautiful, brave, and a breakout star. I should try to play it cool, but my love for her is transparent.” —Amanda Duarte

“Trace is such a shero. She’s my #1 pick for a trans fan cast of Wonder Woman, especially if Wonder Woman has a little sidekick I could play.” —Jes Tom

  • 12. Frank Ocean, Musician

    FilmMagic/FilmMagic for Bonnaroo Arts And Music Festival

“Anybody that sexy, with that type of voice does not return phone calls! He just texts you at midnight, ’WYD?'” —Sampson

“Frank is a dream date, and if I’m ever shipwrecked, I hope it’s in his ocean.” —Jinkx Monsoon

“Frank Ocean is so fucking hot my fucking endocrine system falls out my asshole every time I hear the words ’my guy pretty like a girl’ blasting through my zune, and yes, I still use a zune you elitist fucks! I am from Ohio!” —Patti Harrison

“He doesn’t swim in my sea, but he gets my surf up.”
—Amanda Duarte

“I’m wet.” —Michael Henry

  • 13. Amandla Stenberg, Actor

    Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

“Amandla is one of the hottest people on this dumb planet and so young and accomplished I want to adopt them as my hot child who I tote around and brag about saying ’look at my child aren’t they hot?’ but not in an inappropriate way because I am not a bitch.”
—Patti Harrison

“I was in a hunger game once—it was called TrimSpa, baby!”
—Pete Zias

“Brilliant, talented, and hot hot hot. If you’re hungry for them, don’t play games.” —Amanda Duarte

  • 14. Elliot Fletcher, Actor

    JB Lacroix/WireImage

“Who needs to foster chemistry with this 21-year-old Shameless star? You won’t be faking it, I guarantee!”
—Ginger Minj

“He’s too cool to eat Tide Pods, but adorable enough to drink Snuggle.” —Pete Zias

“Many people do not know this, but anyone who is featured on a 30 under 30 list is actually not allowed to age over 30 or else Forbes kills them gruesomely. It’s a really sad culture that unfortunately remains unchecked. Regardless, congrats, Elliot, on all your success!”
—Patti Harrison

“Cute, young, and on the cutting edge of major success. As am I—I’m successfully cutting the edges off of this block of Brie cheese that I’m holding and eating.” —Michael Henry

  • 15. Alia Shawkat, Actress

    Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic

“You are effortlessly cool and casually sexy and masterfully awesome. Do you teach classes?” —Drew Droege

“Maybe she can use her detective skills to help me find my all my lost innocence, dignity, and ability to feel love again.” Michael Henry

“So hot and so cool, I am looking into a way to wear her! Take that as you will. Call the police if you have to.” —Patti Harrison

“Call back the search party, the hunt is over. This spitfire has captivated me for years. Could she be the love of my life? Maybe.”
—Jinkx Monsoon

“Can she use her search party and help me find a date? The closest I get to a date in L.A. is when I order a Lyft.” —Pete Zias


Drew Droege (@drewdroege) is best known for his Chloe videos and currently starring on stage in Die Mommie Die! at Kirk Douglas Theatre in Los Angeles.

Amanda Duarte (@duarteamanda) is a writer-performer, co-creator of “Pussy Grabs Back,” current recapper of RuPaul’s Drag Race for The New York Times, and the host of Dead Darlings in NYC.

Patti Harrison (@party_harder) is Brooklyn-based comedian and writer. She can currently be seen on Season 2 of TBS’s Search Party and will make her feature debut in Paul Feig’s A Simple Favor later this year.

Michale Henry (@michaelhenry) is a graduate of UCB, iO West, and The Second City, and enjoys pools and tanning. He is also ready and available and strong enough to love again. Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Ginger Minj (@thegingerminj) is a Drag Race Season 7 and All Stars 2 alum, and will be touring this spring.

Jinkx Monsoon (@jinkxmonsoon) is a Drag Race Season 5 alum and will be touring in the fall.

Sampson (@officialsampson) has graced stages and screens around the world with his comedic takes on race, religion, politics, and sexuality—you know, all those things you aren’t suppose to talk about in polite company. See what he’s up to.

Jes Tom (@jestom) is a weird queer stand up comedian who has been featured in Splitsider, Time Out New York, GO magazine, Buzzfeed, Perez Hilton, and NPR’s Latino USA for some reason (they are not Latinx but they do speak Spanish).

Pete Zias (@petezias) has written for Joan Rivers Fashion Police and performed his solo show The Teddy Teddy Show at the NYC International Fringe Festival. He has a YouTube channel and podcast, and two upcoming performances in Los Angeles.

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