It’s Official: “House Of Cards” Will Return For A Final Season—Without Kevin Spacey

R.I.P. Frank Underwood.

Claire Underwood is about to get her moment in the spotlight.

Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos announced Monday morning that the streaming service’s flagship series would return for a shortened eight-episode final season, but without Kevin Spacey.


“We’re very excited we were able to come to a good creative conclusion to the show,” Sarandos told investors. Netflix suspended production on the show in the wake of sexual-assault allegations against Spacey. It was unclear whether filming would ever resume on the Emmy-winning series.

Anthony Rapp, the actor who was the first to come forward with allegations against Spacey, had been receiving vicious messages online by angry House of Cards fans, who were worried because of Rapp’s revelations that the show would be canceled altogether.


The sixth season had already been announced as the series’ last, and now the final eight episodes—down from the show’s usual 13-per-season—should give enough time for the writers to wrap up the characters’ storylines now with Robin Wright as the series’ lead.

Killing off Spacey’s character would actually follow the original UK version of House of Cards, since the Frank Underwood of that series (named Francis Urquhart) was assassinated in the final chapter of the trilogy, The Final Cut.

House of Cards without Spacey is just the latest workaround directors and production companies have had to come up with since allegations against the actor came out over the past few weeks. Director Ridley Scott digitally replaced Spacey with Christopher Plummer in his new film All the Money in the World. Netflix also announced it would not be be moving forward with the film, Gore, which was in post-production and was produced by and starring Spacey.

Here’s to Robin Wright getting even more screen time in the final year of House of Cards. She was always our favorite part anyway.

Filming is scheduled to resume early 2018.

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