“How To Get Away With Murder” Producer Talks About Connor Taking PrEP: “That’s A Pretty Easy Decision”

“It felt very real to me."

And then there were two.

Two same-sex couples, that is, on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder.

Besides Connor (Jack Falahee) and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora), the show blew us away in last week’s premiere by having Queen Bee Annalise (Viola Davis) lock lips with former flame Eve (Famke Janssen), revealing they had had a romantic past.



“It was, for me, revealing what [Annalise] was like when she was our students’ age,” series creator Pete Nowalk told NNN this week.

“Eve and Annalise were together in law school so, knowing what Viola’s capable of and what a fun, joyful person she is in real life, I wanted to see that side of Annalise. And who better to do that with than an old friend?”

We’re not sure where the Eve and Annaline’s storyline is going we can count on “Coniver” to get plenty of play, especially with Oliver’s HIV-positive status.

Given his behavior in Season One, it’s been something of a surprise that Connor has been there for Oliver.

“Connor has had a horrible year and I think Oliver has been that consistent security blanket that’s there for him,” Nowalk explained.


But the out showrunner says intense situations don’t always make for good choices.

“These are young people who are making rash decisions in the face of trauma,” he said.

“Whether they’re actually suffering from PTSD or not, I think they make bold, quick decisions. That’s what makes them interesting to me.”

how to get away with murder

Much of our attention rests on the dashing Connor and what he’ll do next, don’t count out Oliver as a source of mystery.

“We definitely delve more into his character and see him change a little bit this season, based on who knows what,” Nowalk teased.

“Maybe it has to do with the fact that he’s now HIV positive, maybe it’s just the fact that he’s with Connor. But we’re going to see him kind of grow up a bit.”

how to get away with murder

Nowalk also explained why Connor’s taking PrEP wasn’t made into a big deal, given the controversy surrounding the drug.

“It felt very real to me that these two guys, especially Connor, would not have an issue about getting on PrEP,” he said.

“It’s a few days after we last saw them, and that’s a pretty easy decision for him—and an easy thing to do that allows him to feel secure in their relationship.”


Last season it would have been difficult to imagine Connor as a one-guy kinda guy, but will he sign on for monogamy for Oliver’s sake?

“We’ll hit on the reality of that, of course,” Nowalk revealed. “For me, [though] they have bigger fish to fry right now in their relationship—and their lives. I feel like I’ve seen that story a lot.”

How To Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10pm on ABC.