“How to Get Away With Murder” Recap: Slumber Party At Asher’s

Asher wears dinosaur pajamas. Need we say more?

The last five minutes of this episode are what we in the recapping business refer to as a “doozy.” But before that, other stuff happens. Let’s look at ten moments.

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1. Wes goes to his shrink to try to remember what happened the night his mother died, while Laurel tries to get the same intel from Annalise. Neither one gets very far.

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2. Laurel also has it out with Frank. He rightfully points out she wanted truth from him but apparently can’t handle the truth. She says that for all she knows he also killed Rebecca. For the record, we still don’t know why he killed Lila and at this point I don’t think we ever will. Oh, and Bonnie spies on them and it’s creepy.

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3. Murder Cousin keeps trolling them, so Annalise cuts a deal with the D.A. to turn over the videos and clues to his whereabouts in exchange for immunity. There’s some funny business from the D.A. with trying to search her office, but as always she outsmarts them.

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4. In the scene of the night, Michaela calls Murder Brother to warn him about Murder Cousin while Asher tries to shut her down with cries of “Abort! Abort!” Connor snarks that she can’t ignore Murder Cousin’s “magical penis,” to which she snarks right back that it’s “magical and beautiful.” Aren’t they all?

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5. Laurel and Oliver have a moment during which, like all gay men, he confesses that he finds her an awesome badass.

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6. For murder prevention reasons, Asher hosts a slumber party at his place for all of them wearing dinosaur pj’s. It’s adorable. He also pranks them with fake stalker videos. I’m so glad we have funny, douche-y Asher back for a change.

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7. Flashbacks! 10 years ago, Annalise called immigration on Rose as a way of trying to get her to testify. She also called Eve to act as Rose’s immigration attorney, which affords them an opportunity to stare longfully at each other in a hotel room while hashing out their relationship. Eve says Annalise dumped her because she was scared. Annalise says she dumped her because she’s not actually gay and was only desperate for someone to love her. I say phooey, it’s Famke Janssen and I’d turn straight for her.

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8. More flashbacks! Hedge Fund Daddy gets very menacing so Annalise tries her hardest to get Rose to testify. Rose tries to flee town but Cristophe jumps out of the car. There’s some funny business with time in this episode that really serves no purpose other than to drag out the suspense. I’ll spare you … Basically Christophe goes back to their apartment, Rose does indeed stab herself and he finds her and pulls out the knife.

But Annalise is right outside and does nothing to help him which is seriously messed up. Maybe this is why she decides she can’t be a good mother and winds up placing her baby for adoption and not telling Sam which is why their marriage hits the rocks (that last part is my writer’s embellishment, but maybe I’m right?).

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9. Present day, Annalise conveniently leaves the police report about Wes on her desk so he can easily find it and discover he was a suspect. She goes to his apartment to try to talk to him but he won’t open the door, so she slips a note under that he seems to pick up.

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10. Annalise goes into the apartment calling out for Wes. Then her phone rings. Surprise! It’s Eve and Wes is in her office asking questions. So then who’s in his apartment? Ack! It’s Murder Cousin and he attacks Annalise. Doozy!

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