Howard Stern Applauds Lena Dunham for Being a Successful ‘Little Fat Girl’

Okay, so he didn’t exactly applaud her.

Basically, Howard “King of All Media” Stern took a moment between making porn stars cry and humiliating the homeless to offer his opinion of Girls director/producer/star Lena Dunham. And it was, though it goes without saying, rather off-color.

“It’s a little fat girl who kinda looks like Jonah Hill and she keeps taking her clothes off and it kind of feels like rape. She seems — it’s like — I don’t want to see that,” Stern said on the air Monday. And later, “”Good for her. It’s hard for little fat chicks to get anything going.”

This isn’t a surprise. Howard Stern isn’t exactly known for his female body affirming views and that makes this just another example of classic (read: played out) Howard Stern misogynistic verbal diarrhea.

But Lena Dunham is no emotionally damaged adult film star, nor is she, as far as we know, a homeless alcoholic little person. Instead, she’s a young, popular lady with a whole lot to say about empowering women of all shapes and sizes to not give a damn if assholes like Howard Stern try to dis them for not looking like Miranda Kerr.

And, as pointed out by the folks at Us magazine, anyone who saw Dunham on a recent episode of David Letterman watched as the praiseworthy upstart gave her response to Stern’s caterwauling.

“I wanna get it on my gravestone where he said, ’Congrats to her. It’s so hard for little fat chicks to get anything going these days,” she told the Late Show host.

Dunham and Letterman made a few jokes about the incident and as it turns out, native New Yorker Dunham was and continues to be a Howard Stern fan.

So don’t expect Dunham to stop oversharing and underdressing on her show anytime soon, at least not on Howard Stern’s account.