A Record Number of Fortune 500 Companies Now Protect Trans Employees

HRC's 2020 Corporate Equality Index revealed some major discoveries concerning nondiscrimination policies.

Transphobia has no place at work, and some of the nation’s biggest companies are catching on.

The Human Rights Campaign has released its 2020 Corporate Equality Index, an annual report that measures how effectively and comprehensively America’s leading companies include and protect their LGBTQ employees. This year’s report is full of promising discoveries: As of 2019, a record-high 686 businesses and law firms earned a perfect 100 on HRC’s scoring system.

The 18th annual report also noted some major advancements for trans and gender nonconforming employees at the biggest companies in America. As of last year, 91% of Fortune 500 companies have explicit gender identity nondiscrimination protections in their company policies, up a staggering 88% from HRC’s first CEI survey in 2002. In total, 98% of the companies HRC investigated offer similar protections for trans employees, up from just 5% in 2002.

Additionally, 65% of Fortune 500 companies now offer trans-inclusive health care coverage for employees, up from 0% in 2002.

Eighty-three companies participated in the CEI survey for the first time ever, with 36 new businesses—including Etsy Inc., Peloton Interactive Inc., and Warner Music Group—debuting at a perfect 100.

In a statement, HRC president Alphonso David praised the 680-plus top-scoring companies for “protecting their LGBTQ employees and customers from discrimination”:

From supporting LGBTQ civil rights protections in the U.S. through HRC’s Business Coalition for the Equality Act, to featuring transgender and non-binary people in an ad in Argentina, to advocating for marriage equality in Taiwan—businesses understand their LGBTQ employees and customers deserve to be seen, valued, and respected not only at work, but in every aspect of daily life.

Before launching its 2020 CEI report, HRC made headlines in 2019 for suspending Google’s perfect score after the tech giant resisted removing a pro-conversion therapy app from its online store. The app in question was eventually taken off the market, but only after Google buckled under persistent pressure from LGBTQ advocates.

To read the entire 2020 CEI report, head over to HRC’s website.

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