Hulk Hogan Under Fire For Allegedly Using A Homophobic Slur In Sex Tape

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Defamed professional wrestler Hulk Hogan–who was fired from the WWE last week for going on a vile, racist rant in a sex tape he unknowingly starred in 8 years ago–is now being called out for a homophobic slur the NY Daily News is alleging can be heard on the aforementioned tape.

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In the tape, Hogan recounts a story to his then co-star, Heather Clem (ex-wife of Bubba the Love Sponge), about a trip home to Tampa, Florida, to revisit his childhood home.

The person occupying the home at the time happened to be a gay man.

“So we knock on the door,” Hogan said, “and a big faggot lives there now!”


This comes as a shock to those well-versed in Hogan history.

In 2012, after ex-wife, Linda Hogan, accused him of a sexual relationship with fellow wrestler Brutus Beefcake (can’t believe we just typed that sentence), Hogan responded by denying it–but also defending the gay community.

It’s tough because a lot of my friends in normal life, a lot of my friends in the entertainment business, and a lot of my friends in the wrestling business are gay.

If it was true and I was gay, I’d tell you guys about it, and I’d embrace it.

Hulk, you’re letting us down, man.