‘Human Centipede 3’ Is Happening, And Happening Soon

Get ready for this times a million!

Get ready for another dosage of The Human Centipede. The third installment in the shocker-horror and worst-first-date-option series will begin filming in May – because what better way to celebrate the beauty of the spring than with a bunch of people connected anus to mouth?

The filming announcement puts to rest the lawsuit that writer/director Tom Six had threatened against star Dieter Laser for breach of contract. Producers also confirmed that a “big American celebrity” will be featured in the new film, as well as a human centipede of more than 500 people. Oh boy!

We’ll admit it: we never thought The Human Centipede would survive beyond one movie. But the franchise has only grown longer and more powerful, lumbering along, stitching together questionable plot devices and lackluster performances into some sort of freakish monstrosity. There’s some sort of analogy here, but we just can’t think of it.

The continued success of the series makes us wonder what’s next: Human Centipede: Turn Off The Esophagus on Broadway? A Lego set where you can connect the characters yourself? A Food Network tie in?

The whole story is available at EW.com – perfect, because our initial reaction to this news was a resounding “EW.”

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