Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Hold Your Horses

It’s no secret we love Adam Lambert and the energy and joy he brings to the otherwise sterile, manufactured world of modern pop music. But he’s such a worldwide whirling dervish that it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of where and when he touches down. Hence our weekly feature Hump Day With Adam Lambert, which will hopefully keep us up-to-date with his appearances, performances, and interviews. And on those weeks when Adam’s talents lie dormant, we bring you classic pics and performances.

Adam catches a movie premiere (page two). We’ll start with some tweets from Adam’s Twitter Account as well as pics and captions from Adam’s Instagram Account.

“Hold your horses”

“@bonniemckee and I at Marco Marco’s show”

“Mom and I at the @ashtonmichaelLA “

Happy Birthday, Tommy!

Okay Glamberts, get on it!

Adam attended the world premiere of the devastating documentary Bridegroom, and tweeted his appreciation.

Premiere Of "Bridegroom" - Arrivals

Premiere Of "Bridegroom" - Arrivals

Premiere Of "Bridegroom" - Arrivals

Premiere Of "Bridegroom" - Arrivals

Premiere Of "Bridegroom" - Arrivals

Ready to test your Adam knowledge. Presenting …

Where In The World Is Adam Lambert?

Each week I’ll post a concert pic of Adam (or TV appearance), and your challenge is to name the location or show. I’ll give you a few clues, but then you’re on your own. The first to correctly guess Adam’s location will get a shoutout next week.

Here’s last week’s pic …

The winner is Sam for being the first to correctly guess CBS ’Early Show’ in November 2009

Okay, here’s this week’s pic

Where In The World Is Adam Lambert?

And here we have the Hump Day Puzzler! How quickly can you put Adam back together? Move the pieces around and they’ll click into place.

Care to time yourself?

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