BFFs Try To Purge Their Debauchery With One Last Wild Night In “Garbage”

"I make sure you don't die in a dumpster."

Every Wednesday, we’ll be sharing short films that illuminate queer life. Welcome to #HumpdayShorts.

We’re all forced to grow up eventually, but two hard-partying best friends find the struggle is all-too-real in Garbage, a short by Tayler Vee Robinson and Arne Gjelten.


After waking up with no idea what happened the night before (again), Jean (Robinson) and Jacob (Gjelten) realize it’s time to make some changes: They decide to have one last hurrah to purge “all this crazy behavior that’s holding us back from who we really are.”


The only problem is they focus all their energy on that epic booze-and-coke fueled final ride rather than figuring out how to reinvent themselves. Are Jean and Jacob ready to face the truth about their lives—or will this be just one more in a never-ending cycle of overindulgence and regret?

This may not be the last you see of the dysfunctional duo: Vee Robinson and Gjelten wrote a pilot with Jean and Jacob trying to open the first gay bar in Ames, Iowa.

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