An Awkward Family Dinner Leads To Secrets Being Revealed In “Coming Out”

"Well, you would never have seen anything like this in the past."

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Coming out to your family is a different experience for everyone, but things definitely don’t go as planned for the young woman at the center of the German short film Coming Out.

In the film, she brings her girlfriend to her mother’s birthday dinner with the intention of revealing to the family that they are in love. But it’s obvious from the start that Mom accepts nothing less than perfection from her family, making her daughter’s looming revelation all the more suspenseful.

But as the evening unfurls, it’s clear that the queer couple aren’t the only ones with a secret.


Filmmaker Gina Wenzel wrote and directed Coming Out, after cutting her teeth in political documentaries.Coming Out screened at several German film festivals before making its North American debut at the Connecticut LGBT Film Festival in 2014.

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